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The following are a few of the internet sites most relevant to the herbaceous perennial enthusiast and grower. Only firms and sites fairly easily accessible, with seemingly accurate information at time of checking, and some identification, are listed. This list is reviewed and updated frequently, but is by no means inclusive, is constantly changing, and is not meant to discriminate against those sites not mentioned nor endorse those mentioned.  .
with latest update:

Jardins San Secret gallery of gardens, design ideas, plant combinations

Fuchsia societies links worldwide

AmericanHort consolidation of OFA and ANLA

PALS publishing grower publications from Cornell (formerly NRAES)

Plants Nouveau new plant introductions

GardenGuides links and lists of most things gardening related


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Home Gardens, Sites

(also see webrings under garden gates below)
Bill's Garden central FL home gardening

Victoria water garden site, gardens, in FL

Hannelotte's garden nice photos, collected plants and alpines of the world, 3 languages

Hellen Dillon's Garden the famous designer near Dublin
DublinGarden Group links to private gardens in Dublin area
Perennials in southern Vermont home site with photos, bloom time charts
Gardening in Houston local garden information, links by an attorney
Le Jardin Ombroge nice home site with photos, Tallahassee, ,FL
Magnars arctic perennial page home-based garden and plants from Norway
Gardening Articles by Terry Yockey short articles from MN, some on perennials
The visual garden home-based photos, garden tour, links from No. Carolina

Organizations, Societies 
 All America Selections mainly annuals, some perennials
Alpine Garden Society
American Public Gardens Association
professional assn., links, formerly AABGA
American Bamboo Society

American Clematis Society
American Conifer Society
American Daffodil Society
American Dahlia Society
American Fern Society information on ferns, society, spore exchange, more
Amer. Hemerocallis Society daylily society, benefits, joining
American Herb Association 
American Hibiscus Society
American Horticultural Society benefits, joining
American Horticultural Therapy Association news, membership, other related sites
American Hosta Growers Association trade organization
American  Hosta Society
American Iris Society photos, info, most popular, membership, more
American Penstemon Society much more on this genus linked here
American Peony Society
American Primrose Society
American Rose Society
American Violet Society keys, lists, more related to genus Viola
ASHS Home Page Amer. Soc. Hort. Science, of interest to hort. scientists, industry, students
Australian Native Plant Society natives, photos, info
Bio-Dynamic Farming & Gardening Assn. organic gardening methods, resources

Botanical Soceity of America mainly for professionals, educators, worldwide scientific links

The Cactus and Succulent Society of America
California Native Plant Society

Canadian Iris Society
Colorado Gardening societies for that state and region
Cottage Garden Society
Cyclamen Society based in the UK but worldwide members
Czech Republic Rock Garden Clubyes, in English
Dahlia Society of South Australia
Delphinium Society
Fleuroselect European flower trial and awards program, mainly annuals, some perennials
Florida Garden Clubs and plant societies
Fuchsia societies links worldwide
Garden Club of America
Garden Conservancy USA garden open days, preservation of gardens
Garden History Society mainly the UK
Gardeners of America/Mens Garden Clubs of America
Guide to Plant Associations (pdf file) more including other plant groups, Midwest region, from Iowa State
Hardy Fern Foundation
uk The Hardy Plant Society
The Heather Society
The Hebe Society and other New Zealand plants
norway flagHemerocallis Europa international European daylily society

Herb Society of America

Heritage Rose Foundation
Historic Iris Preservation Society
Hobby Greenhouse Association

Hummingbird Society

International Bulb Society searchable, photos
International Carnivorous Plant Society

International Clematis Society info, photos, links, more
International Lilac Society
Intn'l Plant Propagator's Society mainly for professionals
Intn'l Soc. for Hort. Science ISHS for hort. researchers, teachers, professionals
International Waterlily Society
Internet Directory of Botany  thousands of links, alphabetical or searchable, since 1995
Ireland Gardening  links, articles, resources
Massachusetts Horticulture Society
Mediterranean Gardening Society links, networking, information, plants, more
National Chrysanthemum Society mums the word, and other sections
National Council for Preservation of Plants and Gardens National Gardens Scheme
National Garden Clubs news, membership, resources
National Gardening Association  resources, links, networking, questions and answers
Native Plant Conservation Campaign consortium of groups promoting natives
New England Wildflower Society
New Ornamentals Society good plant listings, descriptions, extensive
New Zealand Alpine Garden Society
North American Butterfly Assn. lots of info, including gardening for butterflies

North American Cottage Garden Society
North American Dianthus Society
North American Heather Society

North American Lily Society
North America Native Plant Society

North American Rock Garden Society
Oyama Rose Society bulletins, photos, events, in Japanese or English
Pacific Northwest links to societies and gardens
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society services, benefits, joining, question hotline, Phil. Flower Show
Perennial Plant Association Home Page commercial interest
Permaculture Association extensive resources, info, links
Rain Garden Network
Rose Hybridizers Association 
Royal Horticulture Society
Scottish Rock Garden Club
Sedum Society
Seed Savers Exchange
Society for Siberian Irises
The Society for Growing Australian Plants natives, photos, info
Swedish Fuchsia Society extensive
The Violet Society
Water Gardeners International much info, resources, links to clubs
World Federation of Rose Societies sites and societies from 34 countries

Specific plants

Now located on a separate page.


Perennial Sources another listing on this site
Specific Perennial Sources another listing on this site
Local Perennial Sources another listing on this site
Wholesale Perennial Sources another listing on this site


(with virtually any garden having a website and found through search engines, the below are a few gateways to find ones in particular topics or regions; for other links visit Gardens of the Month on this website. Also see Travel on general links page of this site, as well as other general travel sites and books )

American Public Gardens Association professional assn., links, formerly AABGA
Australian National Botanic Gardens the gardens, Australian plants, links
Botanic Gardens Conservation International world listing of botanic gardens, by country
Botaniqueover 2400 gardens and arboreta in the US and Canada, searchable
Canadian Gardens listing part of Canadian Botanical Conservation Network

Digital Librarian Gardens a worldwide selection

DMOZ directory public gardens worldwide by continent

DublinGarden Group tours of, links to,  private gardens in Dublin area

Garden Conservancy preserving gardens, open days listing by state of some main gardens
Gardens Guide extensive UK listings listings by country and USA state
HelpMeFind garden lists by name, location, particularly roses and peonies
Historic Scotland landscapes and gardens
I Love extensive listing
Internet Directory of Botany  listing under "gardens" search
Japanese gardens database  worldwide, searchable
Jardins San Secret gallery of gardens, design ideas, plant combinations
National Gardens Scheme gardens open for charity
National Trust historic gardens and properties
Pacific Northwest historic gardens, CN and USA
Pacific Northwest links to societies and gardens
RHS Garden Finder by country or name
Vermont Perennial and Herb Display Gardens listing, descriptions, contact info | pdf version
UK Database of Historic Parks and Gardens  alphabetic by type, place and people
Wikipedia important botanical gardens worldwide listing


See Sources above for suppliers
American Hosta Growers assn. trade group for hosta growers
AmericanHort consolidation of OFA and ANLA
American Nurseryman Publ. many books for industry from various sources, magazine
ANLA Amer. Nursery and Landscape Assn., formerly Amer. Assn. Nurserymen
Assn. of Specialty Cut Flower Growers
ATTRA Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, great for small business, production
Ball Bookshelf resources, books for the industry
Flowerweb links and information on Dutch flowers
Flower Bulb Research program  information on bulbs, mainly commercial, from Cornell Univ.
Horticultural Engineering Rutgers, Univ. NJ, newsletter, links, for industry
Horticultural Trades Assn. trade assn.
Horticulture Research Institute research, results for industry 
Institute of Horticulture organization for professional horticulturists
NC Crops Research Mountain Hort. Crops Research and Extension Center
NCSU Floriculture NC State Univ commercial floriculture
Northeast Greenhouse Conference biennial meeting, publications
New England Growsannual conference, Jan., Boston
New England Grows industry resources for professionals, various categories
New England Nursery Association
New England Environmental Horticulture Statistics for all states and region, 1/00 release
Northeast Floriculture IPM Notes links to pdf files, monthly newsletter for industry, from Rutgers Univ.
Northeast Organic Farming Assn. organic info, certification for growers
Nursery and Garden Industry  Australia links, information, industry news for commercial growers for growers, search for sites by topic, internet services
PALS publishing grower publications from Cornell (formerly NRAES)
Perennial Plant Association Home Page commercial interest
Plant Haven resource firm for new variety introduction, from independent breeders
Plants Nouveau new plant introductions
Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus extensive links for landscape/nursery professionals
Society of American Florists info, events, links
Southern Nursery Associationevents, programs, members, other state associations
Texas nursery, floral, landscape network, from Texas A&M

Garden Gates plant encyclopedia, glossary, societies, pests, more
Debby's Gardening Links gardens and more in UK, plant lists, extensive
Digital Librarianan extensive list of links from a Cortland,. NY librarian
Entertainment-resources: gardens links in various categories
Florida Plants Online many links on all garden aspects relevant to warm climate plants
The Gardening Launch Pad articles, vendors, many plant links
GardenGuides links and lists of most things gardening related
GardenWeb U.S, one of the most complete and best and extensive, and established
Garden Web Australia same as above but for Australia
Garden Web Europe as above, but for Europe, gateway, magazine, forums
Gardener's Network topics, sources, links not just on perennials
Gardenweb Ring list of world sites, many home gardens, included in this "ring"
Gardenworld links to garden centres and suppliers in UK
Get Set to Garden links and info for B.C.

GoodWeb Guide to Gardening lots of UK resources

Plant societies and related links

I CAN GardenCanadian garden gate, links, articles, suppliers, travel, more

Jardin links, information, resources, in French

New Zealand Gardens online contacts to all gardening in NZ, photos, links, more

Over the Garden Gate fun and creative site, links, info, pictures, chat, more
Perennial Web gardens, links, info, resources, some photos
Rochester Gardening links, information, gardens of upstate NY
Texas Aggie (A&M) Horticulture teaching, research, extension resources, established, extensive
Weekend Gardener radio, TV, sources, other, "horticulture for busy people"  

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