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High-Impact Practices

Active SL Faculty at UVM

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Community Development and Applied Economics

Dan Baker (FFSL 2009)
David Conner (FFSL 2011)
Josh Farley (FFSL 2007)
Kate Finley-Woodruff
Kelly Hamshaw
Sarah Heiss (FFSL 2012)
Kathleen Liang (FFSL 2000)
Shoshanah Inwood (FFSL 2013)
Richard Watts
Asim Zia (FFSL 2009)

Plant and Soil Science

Ernesto Mendez
Don Ross (FFSL 2008)

College of Arts & Sciences

Erica Andrus
Eileen Burgin (FFSL 2003)
Kazuko Suzuki Carlson (FFSL 2006)
Meghan Cope
Lourdes de Dios (FFSL 2014)
Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux (FFSL 2004)
Alice Fothergill (FFSL 2012)
Kathy Fox (FFSL 2005)
Teresa Mares (FFSL 2014)
Rachael Montesano (FFSL 2014)
Cheryl Morse
Shelly Rayback (FFSL 2010)
Luis Vivanco (FFSL 2001)
Beverley Wemple

College of Education and Social Services

Lia Cravedi
Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin
Jennifer Prue
Cynthia Reyes (FFSL 2012)
Julie Richards (FFSL 2006)
Alan Tinkler
Barri Tinkler (FFSL 2010)
Jackie Weinstock (FFSL 2000)

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Carol Buck-Rolland (FFSL 2011)
Hendrika Maltby (FFSL 2004)
Mary Val Palumbo

Rubenstein School of the Environment & Natural Resources

Breck Bowden
Emily Brodsky
Cecilia Danks
Tom Hudspeth (FFSL 2003)
Zac Ispa-Landa
Bill Keeton
Matt Kolan (FFSL 2006)
Jed Murdoch (FFSL 2011)
Teage O'Connor
Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne
Walt Poleman (FFSL 2005)
Jen Pontius
David Raphael (FFSL 2011)
Amy Seidl (FFSL 2002)
Kimberly Wallin (FFSL 2008)
Deane Wang (FFSL 2009)

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Mandar Dewoolkar (FFSL 2007)
Jeff Frolik (FFSL 2006)
Brian Lee (FFSL 2012)
Alison Pechenik (FFL 2003)
Donna Rizzo (FFSL 2006)
Sheila Weaver (FFSL 2001)

Resources for Preparing Students for Working in Diverse Communities in Vermont

This list is open for additions! Please share resources that you use in helping students to understand the histories present in Vermont.



  • Fred Wiseman, Voice of the Dawn: An Autohistory of the Abenaki Nation - and many other books as well

African-American Vermonters

  • Elise Guyette, Discovering Black Vermont: African-American Farmers in Hinesburgh, VT 1790-1890

Migrant Dairy Farm Workers

New Americans


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