University of Vermont

Office of Community-University Partnerships & Service Learning

Faculty Development Opportunities

CUPS staff support faculty through individual consultation, short workshops, multi-day events and the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning program. We will gladly work with small groups of faculty with similar interests, tailor a workshop for a department, or visit departments for a general introduction to community-engaged teaching.

Available Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Service-Learning Pedagogy
  • Critical Reflection:
    Tools for supporting the "learning" in service-learning
  • Service-Learning in the Curriculum:
    Models & options
  • Service-Learning Plugged In:
    Effective use of technology for service-learning projects and reflection
  • Project Management Tools in Service-Learning
  • Service-Learning & Social Justice
  • Cultural Competency in Service-Learning Classes:
    Preparing students for community-based experiences
  • Advance Your Scholarship with Undergraduate Researchers:
    Strategies, considerations, and resources
    (in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Research)
  • The Engaged Department:
    Service-learning at all levels of the curriculum
  • Scholarship of Community-Engaged Teaching
  • Internships, Service-Learning & Employee Recruitment at UVM
    (for community partners)

Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning

Since 2000, UVM has supported faculty to develop community-engaged courses through the Faculty Fellows program. Fellows receive a 2-day training and follow-up consultations with CUPS staff throughout the spring semester. Fellows have priority access to SL TA's for their courses.

Click here for a list of all our Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning, 2000-2013.

Currently, Fellows attend the Institute for Community-Engaged Teaching led by Vermont Campus Compact in early January free of charge (see sidebar).


Active SL Faculty at UVM

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Community Development and Applied Economics

Dan Baker (FFSL 2009)
David Conner (FFSL 2011)
Josh Farley (FFSL 2007)
Kelly Hamshaw
Sarah Heiss (FFSL 2012)
Shoshanah Inwood (FFSL 2013)
Asim Zia (FFSL 2009)

Plant and Soil Science

Ernesto Mendez
Don Ross

College of Arts & Sciences
College of Education and Social Services

Lia Cravedi

Cynthia Gerstl-Pepin
Juliet Halladay

Jennifer Prue
Cynthia Reyes
Julie Richards
Alan Tinkler
Barri Tinkler
Jackie Weinstock

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Carol Buck-Rolland
Mary Val Palumbo


Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Mandar Dewoolkar
Jeff Frolik
Brian Lee
Alison Pechenik
Donna Rizzo

Sheila Weaver

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