University of Vermont

Office of Community-University Partnerships & Service Learning

CUPS Programs at a Glance

We work to create meaningful, sustainable, pedagogically rich opportunities for students to contribute to the community through the skills gained in their academic discplines. We are a faculty development office, a student engagement office, and a community outreach office in one.

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT — CUPS supports the development of faculty capacity to engage in service learning through individual consultation, faculty workshops, and a Fellows program.  We work more intensively with department chairs to help departments build service learning into the developmental sequence for the major. CUPS also advocates for thoughtful recognition of community engaged teaching in the tenure process.

STUDENT ENGAGEMENT — CUPS designates the 80+ SL courses taken by about 1800 students (13% of the student body) every year.  UVM students are significantly more likely to have taken a designated service-learning course by their senior year than students at our peer institutions. CUPS also supports students to deepen their community engagement through SL Teaching Assistantships and community-based research. We run workshops on community engagement, career preparation and becoming a civic professional through the Career & Experience Hub at the Davis Center.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS — CUPS supports its affiliated faculty in building partnerships with a region-wide network of nonprofits, local governments, and schools.  These relationships serve as the foundation for over 200 distinct service-learning opportunities at UVM each year. Community partners provide feedback and assess the impact of service-learning; CUPS provides workshops, resources and consultation for community partners seeking to connect with UVM.

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