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CUPS Celebrates Faculty & Community Partners at Spring Awards Ceremony

On Thursday, April 16, CUPS honored faculty, students and community partners for their exceptional service-learning efforts. We were delighted to have service-learning expert Dr. Barbara Jacoby as the keynote speaker at the ceremony, held in Waterman Manor.

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U.S. Citizenship Course


Students, New Americans Learn from Each Other in U.S. Citizenship Course

When sophomore Eric Venezia decided to come to UVM to play goalie on the men’s soccer team he expected to make new friends and enjoy all of the experiences that come with college life. Befriending a 69-year-old man from Bhutan and helping him become an American citizen wasn’t one of them. 

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A land-cover map developed by the Spatial Analysis Laboratory (SAL) using satellite imagery and other high-resolution inputs.  This type of map facilitates study of tree canopy and its relationship to the built environment, helping guide long-term monitoring and efforts to maintain and improve a community's green infrastructure.


Spatial Analysis Lab Receives $400,000 Contract to Map Delaware River Basin

The Rubenstein School’s Spatial Analysis Laboratory (SAL) has received a $400,000 contract to map land cover in the Delaware River Basin. The University of Vermont (UVM) funding is part of a larger $1 million grant the William Penn Foundation awarded to Shippensburg University and includes a collaborating scientist from the U.S. ...

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UVM Receives Community Engagement Certification from the Carnegie Foundation

The classification certifies that UVM has a significant and institutionalized local, national and global commitment to community engagement through reciprocal partnerships that benefit both community partners and the faculty, students and staff at the university.

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Growing Connections to Vermont's Migrant Community

In Spanish 101: Composition and Conversation, senior lecturer Rachael Montesano gives her students the opportunity to see life through the eyes of someone coming from a different culture. Sometimes it means making them a little uncomfortable.

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UVM Service-Learning Experience Starts a Career Path

During his service-learning experience at UVM, McKelvie developed skills to help him later on with tutoring and teaching. “I learned how to encourage independence in students—to teach through a process, not just give them the answer.”

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