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The Asian Studies Outreach Program offers dozens of workshops for teachers interested in incorporating Asian Studies into their classroom. These workshops can be adapted to meet any grade level. For more information, please view our frequently asked questions section.

Workshops on Chinese Culture

The Symbol of the Dragon in Chinese Culture

This workshop looks at the symbolism and meaning of the dragon image in China over hundreds of years. It contrasts its meaning with how we look at the dragon image in the West. Participants will create a repousse image of a dragon on metal foil and will take home lesson plans on the subject.

Chinese Chop

Workshop participants will look at the history and significance of this beautiful art form. The Chinese Chop (Seal) has been used for hundreds of years as the “official” means of adding your signature to important documents. Not only does it serve a legal purpose but it is a beautiful art object as well. Participants will make their own chop containing their name in Chinese characters.

Workshops on Japanese Culture

Ukiyoe - pictures of the floating world

This woodblock print, some say, reached its zenith in Edo, Japan, in the 17th century. Originally designed as an avaialble and popular culture art form, they include some of the most famous images we know today. Participants will explore the history of this art form and try their hand at a relief print in two colors as well.

Kodomono-Hi- Japan's Children Day

Every May 5th, in Japan, is Children’s Day. This day is dedicated to the happiness and celebration of the youngest. The focus of the festival is in the carp shaped banners (koi-nobori). Huge carp of paper or fabric, symbolizing perseverance, value and strength.

Gyotaku- Japanese Fish Prints

Gyotaku literally translates into “Gyo” (魚) meaning fish and “taku” (拓) meaning print. In this workshop, participants will learn about the history of this printmaking technique, and then using 3D rubber reproductions of fish, create their own gyotaku art prints on “rice paper.”

“Japanese Bookbinding”

Going back to the 13th century, this art form originated in China and Japan and has developed over the years. Participants will learn at the history of the book in Japan has evolved, and participants will make their own book using one of several forms of sewn binding.

“Bunraku - Japanese puppetry”

Going back hundreds of years, this art form involves puppets, each operated by three puppeteers dressed in black so as to disappear into the background. From there, Japanese folk tales come alive. Participants will take a look at this tradition and its history and will then make a simple rod puppet which can be reproduced in their classrooms.

Workshops on Thai culture

“Bringing the Loy Krathong Celebration from Thailand to Your School”

In this workshop the annual Loy Krathong celebration will be explored. During Loy Krathong, Thais flock to the nearest river and release their krathongs (banana leaf boats) after thanking and apologizing to “Mother River.” They apologize for their abuses to Her and thank Her for all that She provides. This celebration is beautiful and can be as meaningful to Vermont students as it is to Thais. Think environment, global warming, and pollution and use Loy Krathong to bring attention to these problems. Participants will learn how to celebrate this festival in a school-wide event.

“Shadow Puppets of Southeastern Asia”

Mostly found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, and southern Thailand, this art form offers Vermont classrooms an opportunity to explore the folk tale traditions of the east. Participants will familiarize themselves with the history and traditions of this art form and will then make a shadow puppet of their own. They will take home lesson plans and ideas for use in their classrooms.

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