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Visiting Scholar featured in Saint Albans Messenger

Visiting Scholar Beau with the Saint Albans Messanger

Visiting Scholar Beau was recently featured on the front-page of the Saint Albans Messenger in an article that highlights Beau's time at Bakersfield Elementary and Middle School (BEMS). The visit was initiated by a BEMS art teacher, Becky Wright, who participated in the 2012 Institute on Thailand and its Cultures through the Asian Studies Outreach Program. In addition to creating lesson plans for her students, Beck developed an interest in helping students and teachers have a greater connection to Thailand.

The article examines the difference between the education system in Thailand and the United States, most notably the school schedule and school hours. In Thailand, students go to school from 8:00am to 5:00pm and do afterschool programs until 6:00pm. Students are also in school on Saturdays in Thailand.

BEMS Principal Chaunce Benedict noted in the articles that the school is lucky “to have a delightful educator from such an interesting place spending a couple of months in our school and community.”

The articles goes on to highlight many of the activities that Visiting Scholar Beau is hosting at BEMS, including slideshows, making paper flowers and learning how to write in Thai. In March, with the help of other Visiting Scholars from Thailand, Beau will host a 2-day Thai art celebration. The event will also include regional music and dance lessons and Thai food tasting.

For more information on hosting a visiting scholar during the 2013-2014 school year, contact  Bill Williams.

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