Long time without a post. Our Toss Up season went very well, placing us fourth at the World Championship before ultimately losing in the semifinals. For Skyrise we are teaming up with Team Bots 'n' Stuff, a group of students from various universities who are all experienced with robotics. Find out more at


We have some parts now! Probably not enough to build the entire second robot, but enough to play around with and get started. There will be no meetings during exams, so we will start building next semester. In the mean time, keep having ideas.


The team is starting meetings every week on Mondays at 6:30 PM and Thursdays at 7:00 PM. Show up when you can. Our priorities right now are to secure funding to buy parts for a 24" robot, as well as finish the design phase on it. While doing this, we can continue to improve the 15" and start thinking about autonomous strategy.

VEX Robotics at University of Vermont

Welcome to the UVM Vex Robotics Club, a student run organization founded in 2013 to promote student interest in robotics. Every year, we design, build, program, and test two robots capable of playing a sports-like game, both autonomously and under driver control. We Compete with other Universities worldwide in the Vex Robotics World Championship held in Anaheim, California. The club provides a fun, competitive opportunity to learn outside of class.

This club is a great way to get involved on campus in robotics or related fields. Those looking for a hands-on learning experience will love creating robots and seeing the real world implications of their work. Anyone is welcome to stop in. We currently meet in Votey 322, but dates and times may change so contact for the specifics.