Medical and Dental Information

Medical and dental care check-ups

A physical exam is not required for attendance at UVM, though it is a good idea to have a medical and dental exams before you travel. Note that the basic UVM student health insurance plan does not cover dental care.


Bring any prescription medications (with copies of your prescriptions translated into English). If you can bring the chemical/medical name of the drug with you, it may be easier to find the equivalent when you arrive in the U.S. Prescription medication often costs more in the U.S., so you may want to bring a sufficient supply with you.


All students attending college in Vermont are required by state law to have certain immunizations. It is a good idea to schedule medical and dental appointments at the same time you schedule your immunizations (see below for more information on medical and dental visits).

UVM’s immunization requirement has been developed in cooperation with the Vermont State Department of Health. It is intended to protect the health of the UVM community.

The following immunizations are mandatory for all students in Vermont:

Immunization History Form (PDF) - Please bring this form with you when you arrive in Vermont in June. Your personal health care provider can complete the form, OR you can attach a COPY of any immunization documentation which you already have.

If you do not already have the above list of immunizations, you will need to arrange to get them before you travel to the United States. If you arrive without the required vaccines, you can arrange to get the vaccines or blood tests (titers) to verify immunity.

Note that there will be a charge for any immunizations or blood tests done at UVM. It is strongly recommended that you obtain the required vaccinations BEFORE you leave China.

If you have questions about these requirements, please contact Margaret Johnson Phone: (802) 656-0602 or Email: