Paying Your Summer Bridge Bill

Paying your UVM tuition for fall/spring tuition

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Program Costs

Tuition - $6,344
Acceptance Fee - $450
Housing - $1,985
Meals - $1,932
Gym Fee - $150
Health Fee and Insurance - $440
Program Fee - $2,070
Miscellaneous - $58
Books - $400 (estimate)
Personal Expenses - $600 (estimate)
Comprehensive Fee - $120

Total Bridge Cost = $14,549* (*Costs shown on I-20 may differ slightly. Please see your official UVM bill for final payment requirements.)

Payment Schedule

Students will be billed for the summer bridge program according to the University of Vermont's summer billing schedule. Your UVM bill will be sent to you electronically on May 12, 2010 and your payment for the Summer Bridge program will be due on June 4, 2010.

You will be notified via your UVM e-mail address whenever you have a new bill. To view your bill online, log into the UVM Student Information System and navigate to "Student Financial Services" followed by "Account & Billing Information."

Billing information is sent only to the student and any authorized payer(s) they have established. An authorized payer can be a parent or anyone else who you want to have access to view and pay your bill online. Authorized payers also are notified by email when a new bill is available. You may add authorized payers to your account while viewing your bill online.

Payment Methods

Please review payment methods on the Student Financial Services website.