International Student Orientation

Dear International Students,

Welcome to the University of Vermont. We are excited to have you here with us for the upcoming academic year! International student orientation is required for new international students, and is a way to prepare you for your time at UVM. We offer international student orientation just before the start of the term so that students do not have to travel long distances to Burlington twice. The orientation is designed to ensure that you have plenty of time to rest after your long journey and to prepare yourselves for the start of the classes. If you have any questions about orientation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Note: Some international undergraduate students may decide to also attend June orientation. You are welcome to do so, but will still be required to check in with the Office of International Education upon arrival in Burlington before the start of the term.  Please contact if you believe you will attend June orientation and might be unable to also attend international student orientation. 

All of us at the Office of International Education look forward to meeting you during orientation. Have a safe and pleasant journey to the University of Vermont!

--UVM International Student Services Staff

Orientation Schedule


May 12 - Global Gateway Students Arrival Day
May 13-15 - International Student Orientation


August 19-21 - International Graduate Student Orientation
August 24-25 - New International Students living on campus may move into Residence Halls. Optional Welcome Activities.
August 26-28 - Mandatory International Student Orientation (for Undergraduate, Exchange, and Global Gateway Students)


January 11-12 - New International Students living on campus may move into Residence Halls. Optional Welcome Activities.
January 13-15 - Mandatory International Student Orientation

International Student Orientation

During the week of orientation you will have many activities to help you begin adjusting to your life in Burlington, to make new friends, and to learn about all that UVM has to offer. Below is a sampling of some of the activities you will participate in during orientation - most of these activities are required, but we will also give you free time in the afternoons to explore this town which will become your second home! You will receive the exact schedule when you arrive in the USA.

Sample Educational Sessions

Sample Social/Fun Sessions

Sample Activities for setting up your life in Burlington