Welcome to Nate's Virtual Gallery!
The images that are on this page are merely pictures of the "scenes," or, "panoramas" as they are called. Each panorama will allow you to view a full 360° of the location that the panorama was taken from. It's rather hard to explain it so, if you can spare the time, why don't you take a look for yourself. As previously stated, each picture here is representational of a full panorama - this is because each panorama is between 500 and 600k! That would take a rather long time to download, unless you are on a cable modem or ethernet! So, if you have the time to wait, or have a fast connection, just click on one of the pictures and it will bring you up to that scene! Have fun!


Please note, for those of you who don't know how these work too well...on most machines (well, Macs at least), holding down the <Shift> key, once the panorama is loaded, will zoom in on the picture while the <Control> key will zoom you back out. To turn around, simply drag from anywhere on the image and move the cursor - the panorama will then move in that direction. I hope it works for all of you. And, YES, Quicktime 4.0 is required for this to work properly.


This, as you may be able to see, is a panorama of our BEAUTIFUL kitchen at home....this was my first attemp so far so, the scenery may not be the most beautiful, but, it worked well none-the-less! : )

And this is a panorama that shows exactly what sort of place we live in.....in the middle of nowhere! : ) All of the field that you see here is ours as well as some of the woods behind the house. Quite a large lawn to take care of! : )

This is one of my more advanced panoramas in my small series of panoramas. This not only contains one panorama, but is, rather, a "scene", that is, a collection of panoramas that are all interconnected through "hot spots." For those who are not familiar with this term, this means that if you click in the panorama on one such hotspot (such as a doorway), you will be transported to a different panorama - most likely one that reflects where you clicked. To explain this further is difficult, so, why don't you just check it out for yourself.
**WARNING: File length is over 2.2MB!!

Well, this is it! This is the big AGRI 85 Bonus Project that I may be able to improve upon to include the entire campus, or even at least one of the three main campuses at some time. It is a series of 9 different panoramas that make up a small portion of Redstone Campus, which starts from the Southwick Music Building. It is DEFINATELY worth a look, but, be warned, it's large, weighing in at a little over 5MB. Hope you have a fast internet connection!


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