Nabil Nasseri

“Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.”   - Baha’u’llah     


I am a graduate student (2nd year PhD student) at the University of Vermont in Dr. Alison Brody’s lab. I’m interested in ecology and conservation biology. I received my MSc. in biology from Georgia Southern University under the guidance and support of Dr. Bruce Schulte. My MSc. work focused on African elephant chemosensory behavior and the impact of vegetation alteration by elephants on herpetafauna abundance and diversity in northeast Tanzania (Nasseri et al 2010; Schulte et al 2013).

For my PhD, I have decided to switch from charismatic megafauna to charismatic minifauna. My project is focusing on how ant-hemipteran mutualisms affect their host tree fitness as well as their impact on arthropod community structure (read more).


African born, Texas raised, wildlife enthusiast...

In addition to my scholastic endeavors, I have an insatiable drive for traveling and exploring new natural areas and wildlife [if you have a grant and need someone to collect data for you for a couple weeks and aren’t capable of going, shoot me an email ;)]. I actually had no idea what “ecology” was until it was introduced to me in Bio02 during my freshman year at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. I had entered college wanting to be a veterinarian as I thought that was the only way to work with wildlife or to host my own TV show...however, hosting my own wildlife show on feeding ecology and evolution is still a dream of mine. However, once I learned you can make a living playing...working outside in the dirt/water (when not grant/manuscript writing) I switched that second.

Since then, I have been engrossed in traveling to new areas and learning about and experiencing as much of the natural world as I can.   These opportunities have also allowed me to further my passion of photography. Although it is my hobby, I try to use my photography to share these experiences with people that either can’t or have yet learned to appreciate the world around them.

So in addition to my PhD work, I hope to work more with the community, particularly young children, in learning about the natural world they live, so that, unlike me the they don’t hear “ecology” for the 1st time when they are already in college.

Nabil A. Nasseri

The University of Vermont

205 Marsh Life Sciences

Burlington, VT 05405