The National Institute on Leadership, Disability and Students Placed at Risk A collaboration between faculty of California State University, Roger Williams University, the Universities of Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Sam Houston State University
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Institute Abstract

The Institute has created a nationally recognized leadership training program, course modules and scholarship around the topic of leadership, disability and students placed at risk. The Institute consists of leadership and special education faculty from 10 nationally recognized institutions of higher education, as well as UVM faculty from the College of Education and Social Services. Funding supports advanced studies and leadership training for masters and doctoral students who aspire to become faculty members in higher education and school leadership. The Institute focuses on developing and disseminating instructional materials for use by professors of educational administration and school leaders throughout the nation. These products include new course modules and research briefs tailored for the preparation of school leaders, who are skilled and committed to the education of students with disabilities and those considered at-risk.