University of Vermont

Dr. Amy Trubek


Ethnography of Cooking

My second area of research examines the link between cooking practices, cooking knowledge and individual health. This research involves a qualitative research project looking at the food environment, people's cooking skill and cooking knowledge, and individual health. This project has several research strands: one is to interview people about everyday choices on what and how to cook dinner and then to videotape them making dinner; the second is to do a textual analysis of iconic American cookbooks and manuscript archives (including The Joy of Cooking and Mastering the Art of French Cooking) for assumptions about what Americans do or do not know about cooking; and the third is to identify long term changes in the American food system and the impacts on everyday cooking. We hope this research will have applications for the development of better intervention strategies to address contemporary nutrition issues.

Selected videos from the ethnography of cooking study. Please contact Dr. Trubek at in order to be given access to the video portal. 

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