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Starting in 1990, since graduating from the University of Vermont's Statistics Graduate Program, teaching college in Vermont has been a very rewarding experience. Since my days as a teaching fellow at the University of Vermont, I've had the opportunity to teach every year at either the University of Vermont, Trinity College, or the Community College of Vermont in the field of Statistics. It's a wonderful feeling to know that you can give back to your field the knowledge and experiences you've obtained.

Statistics is such a wonderfully relative field in our personal and professional lives today. We can't read a newspaper or magazine without coming across some statistics of sorts. They guide our decisions and influence our opinions. We must, however, educate ourselves on the origin and meaning of these statistics so we can determine their due credit or criticism. 

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Fall 2012
STAT 111 - Elements of Statistics
Stat 111 Section Z1   Fall 2012   Course Syllabus

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