Antoinette Habinshuti

Antoinette was born and raised in Congo, and left in 1995 for Rwanda, her country of citizenship.  She graduated from the Independent University of Kigali with a degree in Business Administration.  Her most recent work with with a USAID-funded project managed by ARD, based right here in Burlington.  The project aimed to support the Rwanda Legislative branch in its efforts to:
 1. Strengthen and modernize the Parliament's management, administrative, and support systems and work methods.
2. Improve the legislative process (including more informed debate, improved budget and policy analysis, and enhanced executive oversight).
3. Enhance the efficiency and capacity of leglislators and staff in transition to full democracy.

Her work involved working with various committees of Parliamentarians as well as with staff members-most recently the Rwanda Parliamentarian Women Forum.  Antoinette also volunteered with the Orphans of Rwanda Organization-a project aiming to support orphanages to improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda, and to help them realize the dreams they share for themselves and their communities. She led the ORI's ground activities in Rwanda. (