gary flomenhoft

Gary Flomenhoft Lecturer

Areas of Expertise:

public finance, common assets, green budgeting, energy policy


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Contact Information
Office: 617 Main Street
Phone: 802.656.2996

Gary Flomenhoft has been a faculty member in CDAE since 2003 and is also a Fellow at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics. Gary has a diverse background of practical experience ranging from environmental technology and green politics, to aerospace and systems engineering. His work bridges across social policy and technology. In the policy arena he works on green taxes and common assets to provide financial incentives for environmental preservation and social equity. In technology his focus is on renewable energy and sustainable development, and has contributed to the CDAE courses working in Dominica, St. Lucia, and Belize.

Sample of Courses Taught

Gary Flomenhoft's courses by semester available here.
PA 395: Valuing Common Assets and Public Finance in VT
PA 395: Energy Policy
PA 395/CDAE 295: Green Tax
PA 395: Non-Profits & the Environment