University of Vermont Physics

Physics 044

The Physics of Music and Musical Instruments

Fall, 2016


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Homework Assignments

For full credit, complete the assignments by the due dates shown.

These assignments will also be listed on Blackboard

Problems and Exercises: Please submit the completed assignments either on paper or as MS word documents, Mathematica notebooks, or ASCII text files. Homework should be handed in as hard copy in class on the due date, or submitted electronically, before the end of class on the due date

Mathematica Assignments: You need to be at a computer that has Mathematica installed. Ideally, the computer also has speakers and a headphone jack. Download the assignment files and follow the directions found therein.

Due Date:

Problems and Exercises

Mathematica Notebooks
Wednesday, 8/31, noon Subject: Answer the Survey Questions on Blackboard
Monday, 9/12

Subject: Problem Set #1

  • Hall, Chap. 1: Ex 3, 5, 11,
  • Hall, Chap. 2: Ex. 1, 6, 8, 9, 13, 22, 23, 24



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