Physics 214 -Electromagnetism Part II Fall 2008


Tentative Schedule

Optics and Electromagnetics  Applets


Instructor:  Madalina Furis
521 Cook
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 12:20pm-1:10pm in A402 Cook
Textbook:  Classical Electromagnetic Radiation , by M. A. Heald and J. B. Marion 3RD EDITION
  • This book is available at the UVM Bookstore.
  • You might also be able to find it online.
  • Additional helpful materials and books will be reccomended and distributed throughout the semester. 
  • IMPORTANT! Check the course website regularly. Homework and helpful course materials will be uploaded on a weekly basis.
Prerequisites:  Physics 213
Electromagnetic Waves, Reflection and Refraction, Waveguides, Retarded Potentials, Classical Electron Theory, Interference and Diffraction, Fraunhofer and Fresnel Diffraction Limits, Relativistic Electrodynamics. Course will start with a review of static electromagnetism, multipole fields and other topics covered in Phys 213. 
Grades in this course will be assigned as follows:
  • 40% Homework
    • Homework problems will be handed out every Monday (or at the beginning of each new chapter) and will be collected one week later. The homework will cover material discussed in class during that week.
    • To get full credit for the homework you need to show understanding of the physical concepts, as well as knowledge of problem solving techniques.
    • Limit your collaboration with fellow students to general procedures about strategies for solving a problem, rather than the solution itself.
  • 30% Exams
    • There will be two exams.  These exams will be scheduled in-class during the semester.
  • 25% Final Exam
    • The final exam for this class is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 18th at 3:30 p.m.   The Registrar's Spring Exam  Matrix can be found here.
  • 5% Class Participation
    • The students are expected to read the material before coming to class. Participation to in-class experiments/demonstrations will count as credit. Part of the homework will be directly linked to the in-class activities.

        Tentative Schedule

09/02-09/05 Electrostatics Review (Ch 1) desloge1994
Homework 1-due Wed Sept 8th
09/08-09/12 Electrostatics Review (Ch3) Homework 2-due Mon Sept 15th
09/15-09/19 Multipole Fields (Ch 2) Homework 3_due Mon Sept 22nd
09/22-09/26 Electrodynamics Review (Ch 4) bartlett1990
Faraday's notebooks
Homework 4 due Mon Sept 29th
09/29-10/03 Electromagnetic Waves (Ch 5) Homework 5 due Mon Oct 6th
 October 6th Review Session (Chs 1-4)
October 8th Exam 1 covering Chs 1-4
10/10-10/15 Reflection and Refraction (Ch6) Homework 6 due Fri Oct 17th
10/17-10/24 Retarded Potentials and Radiation by Charged Particles (Ch 8) Homework 7 due Mon Oct 27th
10/27-10/31         Classical Electron Theory (Ch 10) Homework 8 due Mon Nov 3rd
November 3rd Review Session (Chs 5, 6, 8, and 10)
November 5th  Exam 2 covers Ch 5, 6, 8 and 10
11/07-11/12 Interference and Coherence (Ch 11) Homework 9 due Fri Nov 14th
11/14-11/21 Diffraction Theory (Ch 12) Homework 10 due Mon Dec 1st
11/24-11/28 Thanksgiving Recess No Classes
12/01-12/05 Relativistic Electrodynamics (Ch 14) Homework 11 due Wed Dec 10th
12/08-12/10 Review Sessions (All Chapters)


The Quantized Nature of Light
      1. The Bohr Atom and Atomic Spectra
      2. Emission Spectrum of Atomic Hydrogen

Wave-Particle Duality
      3. Wave Diffraction and Interference
      4. The Electron Double Slit Experiment
      5.  Diffraction Gratings and Uncertainty
      6. Exploring the Dispersion of Classical Waves

Geometrical Optics
      7. The Human Eye
      8. The Camera
      9. The  Telescope

      10. Ripple Tank
       11 Dielectric Mirrors
       12. Two-Sources Interference Pattern

       13. Single Slit Diffraction
       14. Diffraction Grating

        15.Polarization Tutorial
        16 Circular and Linear Polarizers