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Publications 2003-2011

LeBruin LT, Banerjee S, O'Rourke B, Case MA. Metal ion-assembled micro-collagen heterotrimers Biopolymers 2011 in press

Roy L, Case, MA. Recursively enriched dynamic combinatorial libraries for the self-selection of optimally stable proteins J Phys Chem B 115 2454-2464 2011

Roy L, Case, MA. Protein core packing by dynamic combinatorial chemistry J Am Chem Soc 132 8894-8896 2010

Roy L, Case, MA. Electrostatic determinants of stability in parallel 3-stranded coiled coils Chem Commun 192-194 2009

Richardson A, Banerjee S, Wright J, Case MA, Savin D. Transition metal binding in designed peptide block copolymer micelles Polym Mater Sci Eng 97 38 2007

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Case MA, McLendon GL. Metal-assembled modular proteins: Toward functional protein design Accounts Chem Res 37 754-762 2004

Balakrishnan G, Tsai C-H, Wu Q, Case MA, Pevsner A, McLendon GL, Ho C, Spiro TG. Hemoglobin site-mutants reveal dynamical role of interhelical H-bonds in the allosteric pathway: time-resolved UV resonance Raman evidence for intra-dimer coupling J Mol Biol 340 857-868 2004

Balakrishnan G, Case MA, Pevsner A, Zhao X, Tengroth C, McLendon GL, Spiro TG. Time-resolved absorption and UV resonance Raman spectra reveal stepwise formation of T quarternary contacts in the allosteric pathway of hemoglobin J Mol Biol 340 843-856 2004

Puranik M, Nielsen SB, Youn H, Hvitved AN, Bourassa JL, Case MA, Tengroth C, Balakrishnan G, Thorsteinsson MV, Groves JT, McLendon GL, Roberts GP, Olson JS, Spiro TG. Dynamics of carbon monoxide binding to CooA J Biol Chem 279 21096-21108 2004

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Ren Y, Wang W-H, Wang Y-H, Case MA, Qian W, McLendon GL, Huang Z-X. Mapping the electron transfer interface between cytochrome b5 and cytochrome c Biochemistry 43 3527-3536 2003

Gochin M, Guy RK, Case MA. A metallopeptide assembly of the HIV-1 gp41 coiled coil is an ideal receptor in fluorescence detection of ligand binding Angew Chem Int Ed 42 5325-5328 2003

Zheng Y, Case MA, Wishart JF, McLendon GL. Do main chain hydrogen bonds create dominant electron transfer pathways? An investigation in designed proteins J Phys Chem B 107 7288-7292 2003

Cooper HJ, Case MA, McLendon GL, Marshall AG. Electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometric analysis of metal-ion selected dynamic protein libraries JACS 125 5331-5339 2003

Case MA, McLendon GL, Hu Y, Vanderlick TK, Scoles G. Using nanografting to achieve directed assembly of de novo designed metalloproteins on gold Nano Lett 3 425-429 2003

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