Established 2004
Change is at the heart of it all

The Banner on the Waterman Building

As many as 1 in 4 women will experience relationship abuse in their lifetime. (1) Thirty percent of people in the United States know a woman who has been abused by her partner in the past year. (2)

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Started in 1991, the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) was a response to tragic events two years earlier: on December 10th, 1989, a man, armed with a rifle, walked into a college in Montreal, killing 14 college women while proclaiming that “feminists had ruined his life.” The events of that day highlighted the issue of men’s violence against women, and the White Ribbon Campaign exists today as an international movement to challenge men to take a stand against violence. For the month of October men wear small white ribbons on their shirt, jacket, backpack, or somewhere visible as a commitment to the ideas of the WRC.

The white ribbon is used to raise awareness about sexual and domestic violence, but the campaign specifically addresses men, asking them to pledge to be non-violent and to confront violent action and oppressive comments. It is the belief of Men Advocating Change that most men are good men, who care about the women and men in their life enough to want to see them live a life free of abuse and violence. As men who care, we'd like you to join us in taking a visible pledge to be non-violent and to end violence.

This may mean confronting someone who uses derogatory language in relation towards a woman, educating someone in the very common rates of rape and gender violence in our society, or to help a survivor of violence connect with supportive resources available to them.

How can I get involved? You can pick up a white ribbon and sign the pledge at the Kickoff Ceremony on Monday 10/3 at noon on the front steps of Waterman. Members of Men Advocating Change will be tabling at Cook Commons from 11AM - 1PM on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 10/5
  • Monday 10/10
  • Wednesday 10/12
  • Monday 10/17
  • Tuesday 10/18
  • Monday 10/24
  • Tuesday 10/25

In addition we will have white ribbons available at various locations across campus.

The WRC is graciously supported by the Department of Student Life, the Women's Center, and the Women's Rape Crisis Center.

For more information on the White Ribbon Campaign, please visit the international White Ribbon Campaign website at


(1) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The National Institute of Justice , Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence , July 2000.

(2) Lieberman Research Inc., Tracking Survey conducted for The Advertising Council and the Family Violence Prevention Fund, July - October 1996.