Established 2004
Change is at the heart of it all

What we do

Men Advocating Change strives to collaborate with community and campus partners to engage in dialogue about men's roles in ending oppression and violence. We take a "male-positive" role approach when working with men. This syle of approach recognizes that while masculinity is often represented as violent, aggressive, and dominating in our culture, be it through the media, sports, or larger institutions like politics, that men live very different lives than what we've been told.  Men are affected by violence and oppression, and due to the masculine notion of being invulnerable, often live with hidden pain.  Men's individual stories don't often speak of power, though we know that as a group, men are accorded more power in society.  For these reasons, Men Advocating Change takes a "male-positive" approach to its education and outreach work.  We value the stories of men and what they bring to the table.  We respect the men that we work with, and we strive to work with men of all backgrounds, not just a select few who share our vision.  In reaching all men and discussing the reality of who we are as men, we can begin to breakdown our culture stereotypes about men.

MAC participates in many activities in and around UVM, including: