HapMap - Measuring happiness across the USA using tweets

Each dot shows the location of a geotagged tweet gathered during the past 24 hours. Colors are proportional to happiness - red is happier, blue is sadder.

Also available: 1) HapMap using last week’s tweets (updates every Sunday) (jpg) (pdf)

2) HapMap using last month’s tweets (jpg) (pdf)

Happiness is calculated from the 100 closest words to each geotagged tweet. Locations with less than 100 words within 10km are indicated with black dots.

Created using the LabMT 1.0 Word list, and the algorithm described in these articles.

Map is updated daily at 8pm Eastern (approximately), when @geographyofhapp announces the happiest and saddest cities from the previous day.

Made possible using Morgan Frank’s mySQL database of geolocated tweets.

Yesterday’s HapMap for the United States (available as jpg or pdf):