The University of Vermont, Living/Learning Center
Request for Program Proposal Packet

To request a packet of information about how to design a Living/Learning Center Program or participate in the "Faculty Involvment in our Residential Communities" program for the 2001-2002 academic year, complete and return this form by clicking on the "Submit" button below. You may also call to Living/Learning Center Director's Office at 656-4200, or stop by at 205 Commons (near the Main Desk).

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Faculty Mentor

[Provide opportunities for on-going faculty-student interaction in an informal, semi-structured format. Faculty Mentors "adopt" a specific residence hall or residential complex and are available to students and residential life staff throughout the academic year or on a short-term or one-time basis. Informal advsing and socializing occurrs through attending educational programs, social activities, and dining with the students.]

Faculty Associate

[Faculty Associates are faculty members who teach residentially based courses. These residential/educational programs offer students the opportunity to live in an environment with peers who share common academic, vocational, cultural or lifestyle interests. Students enrolled in these programs live together in suites or on floors in the residence halls. Option for faculty to live-in, depending on level of interest and availability of apartments.]

Faculty Fellow

[Live in-residence and teach a residentially based class in the Living/Learning Center. Students enrolled in the class will live in program suites. Fellows engage in a series of activities that bring them into regular contact with students in their program and the larger student community within the residence hall. Assist Living/Learning Center and Residential Life with developing faculty involvement in residence halls. Fellows are also asked to share their experience with colleagues as part of the activities sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning.]


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