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  • Living/Learning Center Staff oversee operation of programs and non-residential spaces in the Living/Learning Center including classrooms, meeting rooms, the computer lab, mailroom, gallery, photo co-op and pottery studio.
  • Residential Life Staff oversee all residential matters, including administration of all housing policies and procedures, room changes, maintenance, counseling and judicial matters.
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The Director's Office, 205 Commons near the Main Desk, is where the staff responsible for all Living/Learning programs work. Phone: 656-4200. The Center's general e-mail address is:
Dr. John Sama  John is the Director of the Living/Learning Center and Residential Learning Communities. He reports to the Associate Provost for Curricular Affairs and works closely with faculty and students in developing the Center's programs. John has a long history at L/L, starting in 1980 when he was a member of the Emergency Medicine Program during his first year at UVM. He became a student director of the E-Med Program during his sophomore and junior years. He also served as an RA in L/L during his senior year. John started his working career at L/L as Program Coordinator in 1984, and was appointed Director in 2004. Starting in 2005 John was also charged with developing the Residential Learning Communities at UVM. He presently is responsible for oversight of the Arts Initiative, Global Village, GreenHouse, and Health & Wellness. John also serves as the liaison with the Department of Residential Life and many other departments, schools and colleges, and serves on a variety of institutional committees and task forces. You can usually find John with his two labradoodle's, building a pizza oven, or listening to great dance music. He can be reached at 656-4200,

Dr. Windy Paz-Amor is the Associate Director of the Living/Learning Center. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Living/Learning Center programs. She also oversees the recruitment and selection of next year’s programs. Contact Windy should you have any questions concerning your program or if you are interested in beginning your own Living/Learning program next year. UVM has been like home for Windy since 1997 when she began her undergraduate studies. Her first year living at UVM was in Living/Learning! Prior to working at Living/Learning she worked at UVM’s Women’s Center as the Coordinator of Advocacy and Violence Prevention Services. She has also attained her Master’s Degree in Education at UVM and will be a 3rd year Doctoral Student at UVM this Fall! She loves to travel and has lived in Africa, the Dominican Republic, London, and Cuba. She is a born and raised New Yorker but says Vermont feels like home. You can usually find Winnie writing a breezy poem, cooking up a storm or managing her windmill. You may contact Winnie at 656-4200,

Bech Evans directs the Pottery Studio and co-directs the L/L Gallery. The Pottery Studio presents an opportunity to work with clay in an informal atmosphere. It operates as a co-op and is open to all UVM students, faculty and staff, as well as to Burlington area residents. Members have the option of taking classes, working on individual projects, or both. The Gallery, located just off the Fireplace Lounge in Commons, invites exhibitors from inside and outside the University to exhibit here in shows of three or four weeks' duration. Each new show begins with an opening reception, to which all are invited. You can usually find Bech raising his two adorable sons, helping students to re-define what it means to be an artist, and grabbing a Five Guys burger! If you have exhibit ideas, please contact Bech, 656-4150,

Ann Barlow is the Director of the Art's Initiative, Photo Co-op Coordinator and Co-Director for the L/L Gallery. The Photo Co-op is a complete facility whose financial and operational responsibilities are shared by all of its members. There are four fully-equipped darkrooms. Beginner's classes are offered, as well as advanced workshops on specific topics. Co-op memberships for students are available for $90.00 per semester for UVM affiliates, $210 per semester for non-affiliates. You can usually find Ann riding her motorcycle, hanging at Bikram Yoga, or building chicken mansions. For further information, contact Ann at 656-4149,

Sarah Reid is the RLC Program Director; she specifically works with both the Global Village and Art’s Initiative Residential Learning Communities. She has just returned from a year of teaching English in Japan! You can usually find Sarah running a marathon, baking delicious pastries, or taking snapshots around town. Sarah can be reached at 656-4200, .

Rachel Kiemele is the Leadership Coordinator. She is a first-year Graduate Student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Program at UVM. She will be working closely with the Program Directors and other student leaders to provide them with leadership training and assistance in carrying out program activities. Rachel will also supervise the Coffeehouse Coordinators. You can usually find Rachel watching Once Upon A Time or Sherlock, running marathons, or making Harry Potter references! You may Contact Rachel Kiemele at 656-0536 or email her at

Sam Nolan is the Student Support Specialist for the Living/Learning Center. She is a senior Undergraduate student who has just been admitted into an advanced Graduate Pharmecology program at UVM! She will provide programmatic, administrative, and leadership development support for Living/Learning Center programs and Living/Learning Center programs. You can usually find Sam cooking mac n' cheese, reading any fiction novel, and singing along to any Disney song! Sam can be reached at

Ned Liggett is a Funding Request Lead in the Living and Learning Director's Office. Ned handles funding request for L/L programs, ordering supplies for programs, and does general office tasks! Ned loves his 5 younger siblings and bunny! You can find Ned at the beach, or listening to his favorite heavy metal band! You can contact Ned at 656-0533 or at

Residential Life Staff:

Miracle Husband  is the Residence Director, a full-time staff member of the Department of Residential Life. She coordinates educational and social programming for students, counsels and advises students, and serves as a resource to the greater University community. She supervises the room change process as well as damage and facility maintenance. Miracle also articulates policies and procedures. You can usually find Miracle basking in the sunshine, leading fashion trends,or helping the world by fighting injustice everywhere. The Residence Director supervises the Assistant Residence Director and Resident Advisors. Her office is located in the Director’s Office, 656-7942. (You can leave messages for Miracle at the Main Desk.). You can usually find Miracle painting portraits, hanging at Chipotle, and helping to save the world! You can also contact Miracle by email at

Barb Kleh is our Office Manager. She is a great resource for any questions you may have and can assist with keys, maintenance problems, room scheduling requests and many other items that may be of interest to you. Barb is also responsible for room changes, damage tracking, and the operations of the Main Desk, among many other things. You can usually find Barb crafting, walking up Cliff Street, or bellowing out the best Tarzan call you have ever heard. Phone: 656-4211,

Shaquan Womack is the Assistant Residence Director. He is a graduate student hall supervisor who shares responsibilities with the Residence Director for supervising RAs, advises the L/L Hall Council, coordinating residence education, counseling and advising students, damage and facility maintenance, and articulating policies. You can usually find Shaq, hanging with family and close friends or checking out live music! Shaq is a great campus resource. You can usually find Shaq writing poetry, attending revolutionary marches, and helping L/L be an outstanding place! Shaq's office in near the Fireplace Lounge, 656-6261, and you can contact her at

Resident Advisors.  In addition to the professional staff noted above, there are 15 resident advisors (RAs) assigned to the Living/Learning Center.  An RA is assigned to live in each of the Center's 15 columns. RAs may be contacted through the Main Desk, 656-4211.

  • A-Building, low column, room A-222
  • A-Building, middle column, room A-335
  • A-Building, high column, room A-377
  • B-Building, low column, room B-222
  • B-Building, middle column, room B-252
  • B-Building, high column, room B-377
  • C-Building, low column, room C-221
  • C-Building, middle column, room C-352
  • C-Building, high column, room C-381
  • D-Building, low column, room D-202
  • D-Building, middle column, room D-346
  • D-Building, high column, room D-276
  • E-Building, low column, room E-322
  • E-Building, middle column, room E-332
  • E-Building, high column, room E-281



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