Here are some fun facts all about Lois Ehlert:


*Lois was born in Wisconsin and now lives in Milwaukee.


*Lois likes to work in a studio at home, that she has made a special area just for working.


*She grew up as a child piecing art supplies together and making her own artwork, this is called collage. This is now her way of creating illustrations.


*Lois went to school her whole life, and after school became an art teacher, before she began writing her own books.


*Lois Ehlert writes and illustrates all of her books, so they are very personal to her.


*She likes to be very colorful in her pictures, and attract younger readers.


*She has written over 20 books


*Many of her books are about nature and animals, and are fun ways to look at the world.



Now that you know about Lois Ehlert tell a friend about her. Name one thing you learned about her that you didnít kn0w.




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