Esther Rothblum


Esther Rothblum, Ph.D. 1 joined UVM’s Psychology Department in 1982. Over her 23 years at UVM, she proved to be one of UVM’s most productive research faculty members, with several dozen books and well over 100 journal articles, many of them focusing on the experiences and wellbeing of lesbians. Of the 24 grant-funded research projects she was awarded, 12 of them focused on lesbian issues.


Her research and writing have focused on lesbian relationships and on the stigma of women’s weight. She is editor of the Journal of Lesbian Studies as well as the new academic journal Fat Studies. She has edited over 20 books; her most recent book, The Fat Studies Reader, was reviewed in the New York Times, the New Yorker, MS Magazine, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, among others. 2

Rothblum says she’s been around long enough to witness a tremendous change in the field of psychology. “When I was a graduate student, my mentor told us, ‘Don’t study women. It’s too narrow.’ And now, every colleague routinely looks at gender issues as part of their studies.” 3

Her CV lists over 150 articles, books, and chapters relating to lesbians, women, and fat studies.





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