Change Makers

The ChangeMakers project, a project to preserve UVM's LGBTQA history, was the impetus for creating this wiki.

What's the ChangeMakers Project?

The ChangeMakers project is an effort to use crowd sourcing to capture and record the history of LGBTQ-related organizational and cultural change at UVM and to remember and honor all the people who worked for that change. We hope you can take some time visiting these pages and reading these stories of courage and vision, unity and determination. If you have a name, a story, an image, or a document to contribute to this project please contact us at

Who is a ChangeMaker?

ChangeMakers are people who have made a big difference for LGBTQA people at UVM through their leadership, activism, and community-building. At the moment, there are 5 ChangeMakers featured on this wiki:

But this list is by no means complete! New LGBTQA history is always being created, so there will always be new ChangeMakers. We hope to continue to collaboratively build this site, and to honor the accomplishments of ChangeMakers at UVM for many years to come.

What will the ChangeMakers project be like?

The core of the project is this wiki, which will be a nexus for collaboratively documenting UVM's LGBTQA history. At the present moment, this wiki contains mostly text and visuals. Our short-run are to flesh out the existing pages to fully cover all the events ChangeMakers we've included so far. Our long-run goals are to expand from here to include more events and ChangeMakers, to include multimedia documentation of important events, and to create an electronic archive of historical documents related to the LGBTQA community at UVM. The whole project will always remain freely accessible to the public, and open to participation from anyone who'd like to help achieve this project's goals.

How can I Help?

At the moment, this wiki is temporarily closed to public participation while we finish building it. If you have any information you'd like us to feature, please contact us at and we'll work on adding it. In the near future, we will open the wiki for public editing, and any UVM affiliate will be able to collaborative build this testimony to UVM's history in true wiki style.