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Campus Policies & Info for Trans* Students, Faculty & Staff

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If you’re looking for general information about transgender and transsexual identities and issues, please see Alexander John Goodrum’s excellent Gender Identity 101: A Transgender Primer.

If you’re a gender-variant, transgender, and/or transsexual person at UVM, the following policies and information may be of help. If you have trouble with any of these policies, procedures, or resources, you can get help at the LGBTQA Center, the Dean of Students Office (656-3380), or the Office of Affirmative Action (656-3368).


Our University strives to create an inclusive environment for its trans* affiliates. UVM developed a preferred name & pronoun fix for SunGARD Banner, and was ranked in The Advocate & Campus Pride's Top Ten Trans-Friendly Colleges & Universities.

Preferred Name & Pronoun

Beginning in January of 2009, any student at the University of Vermont can indicate their preferred first name and pronoun to the university community regardless of whether or not they have legally changed their name. Utilizing this process will result in changes in the following areas:

  • CATcard
  • Degree Audit Reporting System
  • Grade Reports
  • Advisee Lists
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Library sign-out process
  • Directory Listing (unless you have chosen FERPA Exclusion)
  • Center for Health and Wellbeing medical records system

Information on how to change your preferred name and pronoun are housed on the Registrar's Preferred Name and Pronoun Website. Also available are instructions for how to change your email address to use your preferred name.

Campus Housing

If you are a transgender or transsexual student who has specific access needs to live in a residence hall, please contact Stacey Miller, the Director of Residential Life, at or 656-3434. Residential Life provides several trans-friendly housing options that include single-user, gender neutral restroom and shower facilities.

Read more about trans-friendly housing on campus >>

Gender-Neutral Restrooms

The LGBTQA Center@UVM has identified many single-user, gender-neutral, lockable restrooms on-campus. Most of them are simply marked “Restroom.” These facilities are available and benefit everyone. Gender-neutral restrooms mean that women no longer have to wait in line when the women’s room is full and the men’s room is empty. They mean that disabled people who have attendants of a different gender than them don’t have to face awkwardness in gender-segregated bathrooms. They mean gender-variant and trans people, who often experience harassment, and even violence, in gender-segregated restrooms, can pee in peace.

We're working on making information about these restrooms available to the community. We're in the process of scouting all the locations and updating our list of bathrooms, which we hope to complete during Fall semester. We have recently created a gender neutral restrooms web app tht shows the locations of all the bathrooms we've found so far. This app will work on anything with a web browser, including phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Once we finish compiling our list, we'll also make it available on this site.

Find gender neutral restrooms on campus >>

It should be noted that additional bathrooms exist and they will continue to be added. For more information about trans people and restrooms, see the video "Toilet Training," available from the Bailey/Howe Library or the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Non-discrimination Policy

Since 2005, UVM's non-discrimination policy has covered gender identity. If you believe you have been the target of discrimination due to your gender identity, contact the Office of Affirmative Action.

Healthcare for UVM Students

UVM provides LGBTQ-affirming healthcare services through the Center for Health and Wellbeing. These services include primary care, men's and women's health, and STI testing. Additionally, trans* students can access transition-related healthcare through the Primary Care Center or the Women's Health Center.

See more at CHWB >>

Healthcare for UVM Employees

The Vermont Diversity Health Project helps patients identify friendly, supportive and effective healthcare providers, and offers training and support to enhance providers’ skill in working with LGBTQ people.

UVM's Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan now includes services for Gender Reassignment Surgery and Gender Reassignment Therapy from a Network or non-Network Provider up to $75,000 per lifetime, subject to Coinsurance, Deductibles, Co-payments with certain requirements and limitations. Details are outlined in the policy document.

Patrick Gym

If you are a transgender or transsexual student who has specific access needs to use Patrick Gym, contact Associate Direcector of Athletics Jeff Schulman at 656-7417 or or the LGBTQA Center. Athletics staff have identified a single-user, gender neutral restroom, changing room, and shower facility that trans people can use.

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