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Trans* Info for Students, Faculty & Staff

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A couple of good web resources for transgender and genderqueer students, staff, and faculty include:

If you’re a transgender, nonbinary, or gender noncomforming person at UVM, check out the information below.


Our University strives to create an inclusive environment for its trans* affiliates. UVM developed a first name and pronoun fix for SunGARD Banner, and was featured in the New York Times Education Life section.

Rocko Gieselman

First Name & Pronoun

Students at UVM can specify the first name and pronoun they want used on campus through to the Registrar's Name and Pronoun Web Portal. It is a good idea to read through the information you will find there carefully. Your changes will appear immediately in places that receive data directly from the office of the registrar. Examples include:

  • Class rosters
  • CATcard office
  • Grade Reports
  • Advisee Lists
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Library sign-out process
  • Directory Listing (unless you have chosen FERPA Exclusion)
  • Center for Health and Wellbeing medical records system

Changing the way your name appears on the directory is affected by federal law, so you need to read that section carefully.

Changing your email address requires a separate step. You will find the directions on the same web portal. If you have difficulties with any of this, give us a call and one of us can assist you.

College campuses have many smaller subsystems that are managed independently by other offices, including Residential Life, Career Center, Orientation & Parent Relations, Admissions, Alumni Relations, Recreational Sports, and so many others that we continue to discover more al the time. If you find that your first name or pronoun is not showing up somewhere on campus please let us know. When we learn of these problems, we have found that offices throughout campus are glad to work with us.

Campus Housing

If you are a transgender student who has specific access needs to live in a residence hall, please contact Kim Parker, at UVM Residential Life, at or 656-3434. Residential Life provides several trans-friendly housing options that include single-user, gender inclusive restroom and shower facilities.

Read more about trans-friendly housing on campus >>

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Gender-Inclusive Restroom Task Force Report: Findings and Recommendations (Feb. 2017)

There are many gender-inclusive, single-user, lockable restrooms on-campus. Most of them are simply marked “Restroom.”

Gender inclusive facilities like these are available to and benefit everyone:

  • women no longer have to wait in line when the 'women’s' room is full and the 'men’s' room is empty;
  • disabled people who have attendants of a different gender than them don’t face the awkwardness of gender-segregated bathrooms, and
  • gender-variant and trans people, who otherwise might experience harassment, or even violence, can pee in peace.

Find gender inclusive restrooms on campus >>

It should be noted that additional bathrooms exist and they will continue to be added. For more information about trans people and restrooms, see the video "Toilet Training," available from the Bailey/Howe Library or the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Non-discrimination Policy

Since 2005, UVM's non-discrimination policy has covered gender identity. If you believe you have been the target of discrimination due to your gender identity, contact the Office of Affirmative Action.

Healthcare for UVM Students

UVM provides LGBTQ-affirming healthcare services through the Center for Health and Wellbeing. These services include primary care, men's and women's health, and STI testing. Additionally, trans* students can access transition-related healthcare through the Primary Care Center.

See more at CHWB >>

Healthcare for UVM Employees

UVM's Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan includes services for Gender Confirmation Surgery and Therapy. Details are outlined in the policy document, under Gender Identity Care.

Vermont Diversity Health Project, coordinated by the Pride Center of Vermont, provides a listing of friendly, supportive and effective healthcare providers.

Patrick Gym

If you are a transgender or transsexual student, staff, or faculty member who has specific access needs to use Patrick Gym, contact Director of Athletics Jeff Schulman at 656-7417 or or the LGBTQA Center. Athletics staff have identified three single-user, gender inclusive restroom, changing room, and shower facilities that trans people can use.

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