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Stay Connected with the LGBTQA Community

Here are some ways to stay informed about what's happening on campus.

Social Media

FACEBOOK: Become friends with our Facebook page to stay informed about LGBTQA life on and off campus--see, tag, and share event photos. Join our closed FaceBook group exclusively for UVM community members who want to share info, news, and connect with each other.

FLICKR: Check out our Flickr page and download high quality photos of LGBTQA Center events

TUMBLR: Connect with the Center through our Tumblr page.

TWITTER: Follow us on Twitter @LGBTQAUVM for major announcements and news.

This Week in Rainbows (TWiR)

TWiR is our bi-weekly events newseletter to stay informed about LGBTQ events and happenings both on campus in in the Burlington area. Our staff and students work hard to compile an extensive selection of queer events in the community so SIGN UP HERE.

QVM News

Check out the QVM News section of our website to read stories about interesting and exciting work that the LGBTQA Center, campus partners, alumni/ae, and community members are doing. If you have a news item you think we should feature please contact us.

LGBTQA Listservs (How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe)

The LGBTQA Center maintains two listservs of its own designed for LGBTQA students, staff, and faculty at UVM and for everyone who shares a commitment to the elimination of all forms of discrimination--especially discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. LGBT regional and local events, news, and discussion e-mail list. You must be subscribed to “lgbt-discuss” in order to post to it. an announcements-only list. This list has much less traffic than the “lgbt-discuss” e-mail list and is intended only for LGBTQA events at UVM. You don’t have to be subscribed in order to submit a message for approval.

To join a listserv, send an email to with NO SUBJECT and the following as the body (remember to delete your signature if you have one!):


So, if Ima Student wanted to subsribe to the Discuss listserv, ze would write the following in the body of the email:

  • subscribe LGBT-DISCUSS Ima Student

Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable giving your name, you can also put "Anonymous" in place of you name. In either case, ETS may send you an email back verifying your identity. Follow the directions in the message, and you should be finished.

To unsubscribe from a listserv, you can send a message to, with NO SUBJECT and the following in the body (again, remember to delete your signature if you have one):

  • unsubscribe LISTNAME

For more directions about how to subscribe or unsubscribe yourself, see the ETS Mailing List page. Alternatively, you can e-mail us, and we can add you to either list.


Queery - The LGBTQA Center Newsletter Archive

Queery was a twice-yearly online newsletter about the LGBTQA community at UVM. The newsletter featured contributions from alumni, professors, staff, students, community members, and national organizations. View the Queery archive.

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