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Public Resources

A Roving Rainbow The 411 for the UVM Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Quesioning, Asexual, & Advocate Community

UVM Affirming and Pronoun Card

Information and ideas for LGBTQ advocates: UVM Affirming Card

Pronoun How To Guide: Pronoun Card.

Action Steps For Being Trans Ally

This piece briefly explains how to be an educated, effective, and understanding trans ally.

Gender Identity 101: A Transgender Primer

Alexander John Goodrum

This resource "provides the reader with a basic understanding of the transgendered community and the issues faced by those within it, as well as an
opportunity to learn more about this vibrant and diverse community."

Coming Out in the Classroom... An Occupational Hazard?: The Influence of Sexual Orientation on Teacher Credibility and Perceived Student Learning

Travis L. Russ, Cheri J. Simonds, and Stephen K. Hunt

This study examines the influence of instructor sexual orientation on perceptions of teacher
credibility and perceived student learning to determine if college students view gay teachers as less credible than straight teachers.

Coming Out As Straight Man: One Heterosexual’s Sexual Orientation Questioning Process

Adam Christopher Warrington

This scholarly personal narrative offers a window into Adam Christopher Warrington's "experiences in navigating a process of sexual orientation questioning as a heterosexual male in high school and college."

A Public Brief on Being Old and LGBTQ in Vermont

Published by The Vermont LGBTQ Elders Project

"This Public Brief aims to educate Vermonters about the issues facing Vermont's LGBTQ elders; and to encourage greater attention to and support for the development of cultural competencies; effective practices; and inclusive programs, organizations, agencies and policies that address the needs of this portion of Vermont's elder community."

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