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LGBTQA Center Goes International...Again!

Video Chatting with LGBTQ Student Activists in India

LGBTQA Center Staff and HESA '08 alum, Raja Bhattar, video conference with LGBT student activists in Hyderabad, India

On February 6, UVM alums and LGBTQA Center staff Google chatted with LGBTQ college student activists in Hyderabad, India. Those young people seated around the conference table in the photo, described recent experiences where they bravely represented an LGBT table at a conservative cultural fair; withstanding the opposition of people who accused them of destroying Indian culture. Recently the Indian government reinstated a law criminalizing homosexuality. The second photo shows Director Dot Brauer speaking, with Becky Swem, Education & Outreach Coordinator, along with Raja Bhattar, HESA alum and Director of the UCLA LGBT Center to the right. Becky and Dot were up at 7:30 am to join the call, but Bill Tickner and Raja were the real heros. Bill reached out to people in Hyderabad to set up the time to meet, and Raja was up at 4:30 am to join the call. The insights he was able to offer from his personal knowledge of southern Indian culture were invaluable to the student activists in Hyderabad. 

Next up, connecting with LGBTQ activists in Armenia. Stay tuned...