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Housing Options for LGBTQA Students

Residential Life provides programmed housing options in Residential Learming communities and Special Interest communities for LGBTQA students who are looking for safer space and/or LGBT community in the Res Halls.

For LGBTQA students who have specific concerns, contact Residential Life Director Stacey Miller at 656-3434 or


Our University strives to create an inclusive environment for its trans* affiliates. UVM developed a first name and pronoun fix for SunGARD Banner, and was ranked in The Advocate & Campus Pride's Top Ten Trans-Friendly Colleges & Universities.

Programmed Housing

  • Gender Neutral Housing (GNH) offered to returning students who are interested in rooming with a student of a different gender. This housing option will be available in Wing/Davis/Wilks on Redstone Campus. GNH will promote UVM’s goal and practice of equality, and make on-campus housing more desirable to students who may be seeking gender neutral housing options, including: 1) transgender students, 2) students in the process of discovering their gender identity, 3) gay, lesbian, or bisexual students, 4) students who feel uncomfortable rooming with members of the same gender, 5) intersex students, and 6) students who feel that they would cooperate better with a roommate of a different gender. The goal of GNH will be to create an environment that acknowledges, appreciates, and respects the diverse nature and needs of our student body.
  • LGBTQA Collaborative: It is up to us to build the kind of LGBTQ community we want to be a part of. As Audre Lorde said, "Without community there is no liberation." This program, run in partnership between the LGBTQA Center and SGIS faculty member, Jackie Weinstock, will build community, help students develop skills for building community and leadership roles, and promote deeper understanding of the full diversity of sexual and gender identities. The LGBTQA Collaborative is home to a group of students devoted to learning and expanding awareness of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and intersecting identities. Residents will participate in a series of bi-weekly workshops/discussions led by staff from the LGBTQA Center together with faculty member Jackie Weinstock and others. Students will explore challenges to and possibilities for community building and leadership within the LGBTQA community. Monthly events may include movies, speakers, community/campus events surrounding LGBTQ identities, as well as other student-interest programs. Activities may also include fun events with other suites in order to promote richer, more meaningful, and a more inclusive LGBTQ community.
  • The Rainbow Cottages on North Campus consist of two small cottage style buildings, each with five single rooms, off street parking, a full shared kitchen, shared laundry facilities available in a separate building, and common living space. It is intended as a comfortable housing alternative for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and their advocates. All students residing there and their visitors are expected to be respectful of and sensitive to all of the identity groups included within the LGBTQA community.

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