Learning Landscapes

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Image Archives
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Image Archives

Look here to see landscape images from many places:

  • Landscape Change Program — Over 10,000 images of Vermont Landscapes as they were and as they are, from the University of Vermont
  • Maine Memory Network — Over 10,000 items including many images from Maine
  • US Library of Congress — Images, some digital, from all over the United States
  • Geo-Images Project — Images useful for learning about Geography from around the world presented by the University of California at Berkeley
  • GeoDIL — The Geoscience Digital Image Library from the University of North Dakota includes pictures of rocks and landforms from around the world
  • USGS Photo Archive — Images from the US Geological Survey collection

Geology Information

Look here to learn more about topics covered in Learning Landscapes:
  • Historic Maps — This University of New Hampshire site holds thousands of historic maps for New England
  • Rivers:
    • Virtual River — Interactive exercises focused on learning about river discharge and flooding
    • Wycombe Oxbow Lake — Flash movie clearly outlining the steps in the formation of oxbow lakes
    • Exploring Earth — Animation showing the relationship between river velocity and a river's ability to carry sediment
    • Physical Geology (McGraw Hill) — Several animations of stream processes, including the formation of meanders, floodplains and terraces
    • Fluvial Geomorphology (Filter) — Self-guided stream geomorphology tutorial with a heavy use of photographs
  • Hillslopes (coming soon):

Educational Resources

Look here for teaching and learning ideas:
  • DLESE The Digital Library for Earth Science Education has many resources for teaching and learning
  • NSDLNational Science Digital Library is a collection of web resources about all types of science
  • SERCThe Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College: a collection of resources, best practices, and bibliographies about a number of Earth Science topics, all searchable
  • REGSI — A collection of Resources for Earth Sciences and Geography Instruction at Central Michigan University

UVM Landscape Change Program Perkins Museum of Geology, UVM University of Vermont National Science Foundation