Interested in Participating in the Kids & Parents Project?

The Kids & Parents Project is a research study about family relationships and children. We are looking for families to participate who have a 9- to 11-year-old child whose parents are married to each other.

What's involved? Parents and children complete questionnaires and have conversations with each other. Children wear an electroencephalography (EEG) net designed to measure electrical responses made by children’s brains. While wearing the EEG net, children view scenes in videos and on photos showing actors pretending to be family members. The study involves two 2- to 3-hour lab visits about 2 weeks apart. Mothers and their child participate in the first visit, and mothers, fathers, & their child participate in the second visit.

Where is it? The Psychology building on the UVM campus.

When is it? At a time of your choosing (weekday daytime, evening, and weekend times are available).

Do we get compensated for our time? Yes, participating families receive $100 for the first visit and $150 for the second visit (gift cards).

Interested? Contact the Kids & Parents Project: 802-656-4722 or for more information.

To contact Dr. Schermerhorn:
P: 802-656-4058
F: 802-656-8783

Department of Psychology
University of Vermont
John Dewey Hall, Room 362
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