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Prof. Nalibow
421 Waterman
Office Hours:  Fall. 08 -  Mon/Wed. 10:00-11:10; T. 10-11 and  or by app't.
PHONE: 6-1474; H: 864 4881
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                       Russian 141
                       Reading Comprehension
              Русский язык 141
             Понимание письменной речи

                 Курсовой план

Required Texts:
Курсовые материалы

Andrei Bogomolov, Marita Nimmikoski.  News from Russia: Language, Life and the Russian Media.
ISBN  0-300-10437-5

Compositions, Graded Items

Since this IS an advanced course, It is REQUIRED that work handed in for a grade shall be typed.  (You would not dream of handing in handwritten
documents in other courses; this shall be the same case here.)  
All computers are loaded with Cyrillic fonts
in the UVM Language Resource Center
Additionally, this web  site contains links to download needed fonts, printer drivers and keyboards for your own computer (see below).

Compositions shall be sent over the Internet as attached files.  I shall make notations for your correction, return the
file to you, and place a second grade for the corrected work on the spread sheet after I examine your second draft..

Setting up Cyrillic on your computer


If you are using XP or VISTA, go to >SETTINGS, >CONTROL PANEL, >REGIONAL and LANGUAGE OPTIONS.  In the drop-down menu go
to >LANGUAGE and click DETAILS. Click >ADD.  In the language list find >RUSSIAN and click >OK.  When the panel closes, click
OK again.  You have Cyrillic using the Russian keyboard.   The screen TRAY will now show an EN or RU.
Change the language by clicking in the tray or toggle with SHIFT + ALT.  Download the ASDF PHONETIC
keyboard @ http://tlt.its.psu.edu/suggestions/international/bylanguage/russian.html  
Clear directions are given on this page. 
Although MAC information is listed below, the bottom of this page also contains information for phonetic keyboards in the MAC
operating system.

The following web site contains down loadable fonts and keyboard drivers if you are using something other than XP. 
There are TWO standard Russian keyboards.  I recommend neither, but rather the so-called  "phonetic" or "homophonic"
keyboard.  In this layout, most Russian letters are found where their English equivalents would be.  This speeds typing.



MAC users may enable Cyrtillic from within their operating program.  The phonetic keyboard for MAC is located at
This is FREE shareware.
The MAC phonetic keyboard download is also @ http://www.friends-partners.org/partners/rusmac/wordproc.html
Go to the chart with FONTS and KEYBOARD LAYOUTS.  Download from the "phonetic" listing.

Course Grading

        Compositions and oral presentations                            50%       
        Attendance /preparedness (active mastery
            of homework concepts, translations. . .)                     20%
        Final Exam                                                                    30%

Explanation - Grades for classroom performance

Classroom performance shall receive two grades. One grade shall indicate performance while you are present in the course. This grade shall reflect your preparedness, activity in
the course, willingness to take part.  The second grade shall reflect unexcused absence and shall be entered on the spread sheet as a zero. Since the dates of absence shall be r
ecorded on the computer, the amount of time averaged at "zero" shall be directly averaged with your classroom performance grade.

Example:  15 week semester
—Unexcused absences =12 (4 full weeks of a 3 day per week course).
—Classroom performance grade for time in class ==B (85) [=11 X 85 = 935]

935 divided by 15 (# of weeks) is   =62.3 (D-)

Absence for Religious Holidays

Religious Holidays:  Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester students should submit in writing to their
instructors by the end of the second full week of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. Faculty must permit s
tudents who miss work for the purpose of religious observance to make up this work.