Physicist Attire

On 29 Feb 2004, Ginia Bellafante wrote in the New York Times about the way people were dressed at the Academy Awards:
But who will forget Johnny Depp's bow tie, obscured by a shirt collar the size of a table napkin?
Or the director Peter Jackson's floppy oversize suit and loose tie, looking as if he stopped
somewhere between the closets of John Belushi and a University of Vermont physics professor.

Unsure of just what was meant by Ms. Bellafante and unable to pass up a chance at writing to the Grey Lady, I wrote in.  Here’s my letter to the New York Times and the article that triggered it.  

Not a Phyics Professor Not a Physics professor, either. Again. Not a physics professor. Plus, he's dead.

Some people with whom physics professorial attire has been compared.

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