Marie's Russian Dig

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The collapsed dining canopy after The Great Flood.
Dr. Sasha battles The Great Flood to save his home.
Andy and Erik J's "idols" - 
Beer, coffee, and cigarettes.
Our shower!
Left:  Female skull, Kurgan 1, grave 2.
Right:  Male skull, Kurgan 1, grave 1.
Female skeleton. Kurgan1, grave 2.
9th centurty A.D. ?
 Birchbark packet found in Kurgan 1, grave 2.
 The skeletons of a man and his horse.  Kurgan 1, grave 1.
Center foreground- a modern mouse is curled up, asleep.
Close up of foot bones in Kurgan 2, grave 1. These and a leg bone, were the only bones in situ.  The rest were disturbed by grave robbers.

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