AGRI002 Lecture Three, Week Beginning Monday January 31, 2005



First Exam: Three weeks away (Feb 22, 24).  Be on time or lose points!

Preview of Lab Next Two Weeks:
This week:  Power Point Presentation (questions?).  Everyone should give their presentations in lab this week.  If you are sick or have an accident, notify your lab TAs BEFORE LAB or you will earn no credit (zero). 
Next Week: File and folder management on diskettes and FTP.

Questions about Zoo cluster & FTP?

Labs: Next week bring two IBM-formatted HD diskettes to lab.


Digital cameras from How Things Work ,   How digital cameras work from Sci Am .  

Text Section 3 (pages 17-23)


What percentage of people have Internet access?

Types of computers: Micro-computer, Mainframe, Host, Server, Supercomputer, Unix workstation, Mini-computer, PDA, Terminal, Palm-top, Lap-top, PC, Network computer

Anatomy of the PC: System units & Motherboards

Difference between Memory and Storage, and Units

Video: How Bill Gates became the richest person.