AGRI 002/85  Power Point Presentation Lab

College is a major milestone in life.  Prepare a Power Point presentation on your UVM experience so far focusing on the changes that are taking place in your life.  You may include references to films, or literature that have given you insight into your time so far at UVM.

Some things you should touch upon in your presentation are:

1. Your background: where you grew up, your family life: parents/guardians, siblings, what was the culture of your home town and high school, and what did you do to prepare for college.

2. Your transition in college: What has happened during your time at UVM?  What are the highs and lows?  What classes were most important to you, and why?  Have you decided upon a Major?  What routines have you developed?  How often do you go home?  What's your social life like?  Have you made new friends and/or kept up with those from the past?  Include your own digital images if you have them. 

3. Your future plans : What do you think the future will be like?   What plans do you have for after UVM? 

ASSIGNMENT:  4-5 minute Power Point presentation on life so far.  The presentation should follow Power Point Presentation Guidelines.  Be ready to give your presentation next week.  You will get feedback from your classmates as well as an evaluation from your lab instructor. (50 Points)

Also, Install on your own personal computers: Ad-Aware, Acrobat, Antivirus (on/off campus), EndNote, Firefox, Mozilla, Nvu (pronounced “En-View”), SSH, & Spybot from the UVM Software Archive