Jonathan G. Leonard       Curriculum Vitae January 2017

Links for students: In 1976, in 1992, and in 1999, experiencing the wearable PC,  bouldering on the Maine coast, and sea kayaking around Monhegan Is.
 Vermont City Marathon Relay 2000, Clifden Ireland 2002, Biking in Ireland, Playing Bluegrass

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Doctor of Philosophy in Plant and Soil Science, Specializing in Entomology, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont. Dissertation title: Korscheltellus gracilis (Grote) (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) Sampling Methods and Population Biology on Camels Hump Mountain, Vermont. March 1994.

Master of Science in Zoology, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont. Thesis title: Tempo in two Species of Woodland Ant. October 1983.

Bachelor of Arts in Zoology and Minor in Anthropology, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, May 1978.

Edward Tufte Training Workshop: Presenting Data and Information.  Boston, November 2008.

2005 Center for Teaching and Learning Workshop: Blogging your course for the web.  August 2005.

2002 Northeast Regional Teaching Workshop.  University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 2002.

President's Leadership Seminar.  University of Vermont, June 2002.

Teaching First Year Students Workshop. University of Vermont, September 2001.

2000 Northeast Regional Teaching Workshop. Cook College, Rutgers University. October 2000.

Systems Thinking and Dynamic Modeling Conference. Creative Learning Exchange, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, July 1996.

Novell V3.11 System Manager course for Novell Network Software . Creative Management Consultants, Williston, Vermont. January 1993.

Parasitic Hymenoptera Workshop. University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. June 1990.

Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop. English Department. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont. January 1988.

Meyers-Briggs Developmental Workshops. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont. November 1987, March 1988.

University of Vermont Representative at the National Systems Approach to Problem Solving Workshop. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. June 1986.


Senior Lecturer, Community Development and Applied Economics Department (CDAE). Responsibilities include: Teaching undergraduate courses. Advising students. Service on department and university committees. Full time employment June 2013 - present.

Computer Teaching Laboratory Coordinator, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), Responsibilities include: Staffing, development, maintenance and scheduling of the College's Computer Lab.  April 1984 - June 2013.


Communication Methods.  CALS 183, University of Vermont, Fall 2004 to present.

Foundations: Information Technology.  CALS 002, University of Vermont, Spring 2004 to Spring 2013.

Foundations: Communication Methods.  CALS 001, University of Vermont, Fall 2003, Fall 2010 - Present.

Teaching Assistant Development.  CALS 125, University of Vermont, Fall 2001 to present.

New Beginnings. AGRI 195/196, University of Vermont, Fall 2001 - Spring 2003.

Computer Applications in Agriculture and Life Sciences. CALS 85, University of Vermont, Fall 1985 to Spring 2013.

Internet Applications in Agriculture and Life Sciences. CDAE 195. University of Vermont Summer 1998 to 1999.

World Food, Population and Sustainable Development. CDAE 002, University of Vermont. Fall 1995 - Spring 1996.

Limits to Growth. CDAE 195, University of Vermont, Spring 1995.

Systems Approach to Problem Solving in Agriculture and Life Science. CDAE 197, University of Vermont, Fall 1987, Fall 1988.

Natural History of Vermont. Community College of Vermont, Winooski, Vermont. August - November 1983.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab. Zoology Department, University of Vermont. Spring 1982 - Spring 1983.

Environmental Biology Lab (Ecology, Population Genetics & Animal Behavior). Zoology Department, University of Vermont. Fall 1981 - Fall 1982.

General Biology Lab. Biology 1 & 2. University of Vermont. Fall 1980 - Spring 1981.

Invertebrate Biology Lab Assistant. Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. Fall 1977.


Endangered Tiger Beetle Workshop, Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary & Waquoit Bay Research Center, July 2000.

Introduction to Tiger Beetles, Eagle Hill Field Research Station, Steuben, Maine. June 1995.

Ground Beetle Workshop, Vermont Entomological Society, University of Vermont. March 1994.

Natural History of Insects. Elder Hostel, Saint Michael's College, Winooski Park, Colchester, Vermont, June 1989, June 1990.


Senior Lecturer & Microcomputer Teaching Lab Coordinator, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Vermont. Develop and teach courses including web page design, spreadsheet, word processing, and Internet application software with personal and host server computers. Responsible for staffing, development, repairs, installations, upgrades, and security of lab hardware and software (lab currently contains twenty iMAC  dual-boot Windows & MAC OS machines). Responsible for application software run from the ETS Common Lab file server. Teach computer application problem solving courses including Windows, Mac-OS, and Unix (AIX) operating systems, programming, application software integration, creation of WWW pages, scientific method, graphing data, simulation, modeling and soft systems techniques. April 1984 - 2010 (Microcomputer Coordinator), June 2003-Present (Lecturer).

Doctoral Thesis Research, University of Vermont. Developed original research on the systematics and population dynamics of the Conifer Swift Moth (Korscheltellus gracilis Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) on Camels Hump Mountain , Huntington, Vermont. Designed and constructed sampling methods to generate a life table analysis of this potential pest of boreal forest trees. Field site location chosen by interpretation of infrared and visible light aerial photos , LANDSAT images, and orthophoto maps. Specimen preparation for systematic character analysis including NaOH clearing, slide mounts of cleared larvae, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Supervised a total of 17 undergraduate student assistants in the field and laboratory over five field seasons. Four semesters of statistics and experimental design courses in addition to seven courses in biology. Earned Ph.D. while working full time. January 1987 - May 1994.

Volunteer, United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Survey of the endangered Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle (Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis). Assisted in locating new populations and estimating the present populations of endangered beach tiger beetles along the New England coast. Summers 1994 - 1998.

Consultant, Macro-Invertebrate Sampling for Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning. Wm. D. Countryman Inc. RD 1, Winch Hill, Northfield, Vermont. Sampled fauna using pit fall, malaise, and black light traps; prepared samples for transport and curation. July and August 1991.

Assistant Curator, University of Vermont Invertebrate Museum. Responsible for identification, organization, and maintenance of invertebrate collections. Species identification of ants. November 1983 - April 1984.

Masters Thesis Research, University of Vermont. Developed original research on the evolution of behavior in social insects. Designed and constructed experimental apparatus to quantify running speed, direction, and foraging efficiency of ants. Computer experience in data entry, file creation and manipulation, disk and tape storage, statistical analysis using SPSS and SCSS programs, and graphics displays. Three semesters of statistics and experimental design courses in addition to seven courses in biology. 1980 - 1983.

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Zoology Department, University of Vermont. Taught introductory and upper level course laboratories in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Biology, and General Biology. Experience with the following equipment and techniques: Spectrophotometer 20, Ultra and High Speed Centrifuge, Respirometer, Electrocardiograph, pH meter, and Planimeter, Hematology (Hematocrit, Hemoglobin concentration, Erythrocyte count, Specific Gravity, pH), Cell Culture, Serial Dilutions, Sterile Techniques, Paper Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Invertebrate Preservation, Vertebrate and Invertebrate Dissections, and Scientific Illustration. 1980 - 1983.

Education Staff, Worcester Science Center, Worcester, Massachusetts. Developed and presented astronomy programs in the planetarium, and food web, animal adaptations, and evolution programs in the classroom. Assisted with fund raising, animal care and rehabilitation. 1978 - 1980.

Astronomical Observatory Assistant, Drew University Physics Department. Developed public slide show on astronomy, responsible for public and student sky viewings with Celestron 10-inch and four Questar telescopes, assisted undergraduates with astronomy assignments and graded astronomy examinations. Responsible for the Observatory. 1976 - 1978.

Hutmaster and Naturalist, Appalachian Mountain Club, Gorham, New Hampshire. Responsible for remote alpine hut accommodating fifty people per night. Rescue experience evacuating victims of hypothermia, heat exhaustion, epilepsy, fractures, and crushing injuries. Summers 1977 - 1982.

Invertebrate Laboratory Teaching Assistant, Drew University Zoology Department, Madison, New Jersey. Helped teach undergraduate laboratory section of morphology and physiology of invertebrate animals course. Fall 1977.

Confidential Courier, Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Bethpage, New York. Responsible for delivery of United States Military Classified Material. Summer 1976.


Graphical Display of Quantitative Data.  Interested in and currently collecting data on first-year student competency in displaying numerical data in graphic form including construction of scatter plots, histograms, population pyramids, box plots, and choropleth maps.

Teaching Techniques for Large Lecture Classes.  Interested in, and experimenting with, techniques to increase learning outcomes of large lecture classes.  Techniques to date include pre-post examinations, student examinations including group interaction and discussion as part of the exam, active role playing & group participation, game theory (prisoner's dilemma),  and supplemental electronic discussion groups using WebCT/Blackboard, email, and weblogs.

Human Sustainable Societies. Interested in the interactions between human impacts, population growth, consumption, and technology. Exploring economic, social, and environmental strategies for achieving a sustainable society. Currently gathering data on global human impacts for future systems analysis with computer models.

Invertebrate Conservation Biology. Interested in species diversity, especially of insects. Study the ecology of isolated populations of endangered tiger beetles (Cicindela spp., Coleoptera: Carabidae) of the Northeast. Collect data on species diversity of ground beetles (Carabidae) and habitat specialization. Interested in geographic information system (GIS) techniques of locating critical habitats.

Synchronization of insect population life cycles. Collect data on periodical behavior of the conifer swift moth Korscheltellus gracilis (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) and on tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelinae) in eastern North America.

Social Insects. Interested in Vermont species diversity, running speed (tempo), foraging efficiency and slavery in ant colonies.


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Leonard, Jonathan G. 1985. Tropical Forest Destruction. Rural Development Series Vol. 1, Number 8, Center for Rural Studies, University of Vermont.


Cover Illustration , The Coleopterist Bulletin 43(2) June, 1989. Habitus drawing of newly described species of ground beetle: Scopodes wei Bell and Bell, in: Bell, R. T. and J. R. Bell 1989. Revision of the Chimbu group of Scopodes (Coleoptera: Carabidae). The Coleopterist Bulletin 43(2): 157-161.

Habitus drawing of newly described species of ground beetle: Pentagonica, in: Bell, R. T. 1987. A new species of Pentagonica from South West USA. The Coleopterist Bulletin 41(4): 373-376.


Joseph E. Carrigan Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching and Advising.  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Vermont.  April 21, 2006.  $1000.00 Prize.

Teaching Award of Merit. National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) and the University of Vermont College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. April 30, 2002.

Faculty Recognition Award. University of Vermont Faculty Senate. Presented in recognition of extraordinary teaching, research, and service efforts. December 15, 1999. $500.00 Prize.

Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching in Continuing Education. University of Vermont. 1991. First recipient. $1,000.00 Prize.

Elected to Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, 1990.

Physics Department Award for Astronomy Curriculum Development. Drew University, 1978.


University of Vermont Instructional Development Grant , 1995. $5,127.85.

University of Vermont Instructional Development Grant , 1985. $2,500.00.

Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research, 1982. $200.00


The Bells as graduate student mentors.  Bellfest 2010: A Festchrift tribute to the scientific work of Ross and Joyce Bell. University of Vermont, 12-15 June 2010.

Diversity and Multiculturalism using the Personal Response System, College of Agriculture and Life Science Retreat, August 2004.

Tiger Beetle Identification Workshop, Waquoit Bay Research Center, Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary, Massachusetts. July 2000.

System Dynamics and Implications of Exponential Growth , Agroecolgy Institute, University of Vermont, July 1995.

Consequences of Human Population Growth, Agroecology Institute, University of Vermont, July 1994.

Ecology of the Conifer Swift Moth on Camels Hump, School of Natural Resources Noon Seminar Series, University of Vermont, September 1990.

Ecology of the Conifer Swift Moth on Camels Hump, Sigma Xi Annual Meeting Seminar. Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont. Spring 1990.

Systems Approach in Agriculture in the Classroom , Agriculture in the Classroom Consortium Meeting, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont, May 1989.

The Conifer Swift Moth on Camels Hump, Northeast forest Pest Workshop, University of Vermont, January 1988, 1989, 1990.

The Future of the Hepialid Research at UVM, Northeast Forest Pest Workshop, January 1987.


Tiger Beetles of New England, Annual Meeting of the Vermont Entomological Society, Huntington, Vermont, May 1996.

Gene flow between odd- and even- year populations of the Conifer Swift Moth on Camels Hump, Vermont, Ecology Evolution Lunch, Zoology Department, University of Vermont, March 1993.

Moths, Space and Time, Ecology Evolution Lunch, Zoology Department, University of Vermont, March 1992.

The Conifer Swift Moth on Camels Hump, Ecology Evolution Lunch, Zoology Department, University of Vermont, February 1989.

The Conifer Swift Moth on Camels Hump, Saint Michael's College Science Seminar Series, November, 1987.


Undergraduate Advisor to 54 undergraduate students (15 December, 2016).

Academic Integrity Council Member, August 2009 to present.

Faculty advisor to the following University SGA Clubs: Triathalon Club, Old Timey Music Club.

University Residential Life Learning Centers Committee.  Fall 2001-Spring 2002.
University-wide First Year Seminar Program. Fall 1998-2001.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Academic Awards Committee, 2006-2009.  Chair 2007-2008.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Studies Committee, 2009-2012.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences College Marshall, Commencement: 2007-2015.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Marshall, Commencement: 1997 - 2007.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Curriculum Committee.  Fall 1999-Spring 2006 (Chair).

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Self-Designed Major Committee.  Fall 2002-present, Director 2008-present.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Information Technology Committee and IT Team.  Fall 2001 - 2010.

College Of Agriculture and Life Sciences Ad hoc Core Curriculum Committee Fall 1997 - 2001.

Undergraduate Theses Evaluation. Michael Seto, Environmental Studies Program, Spring 2001.
    Scott Gustin. University of Vermont, Environmental Studies Program, Spring 1997.
    Thomas Bennet. University of Vermont Environmental Studies Program, Spring 1992.

Curriculum Development Committee. Community Development and Applied Economics Department. University of Vermont. Fall 1995 - 1997, 2005-2006.

College of Agriculture Novell Netware "First Response Team" member . Responsible for trouble shooting problems with the College's Novell file servers and computer network. Spring 1994 - 1996.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Committee on a Sustainable Agriculture Major. Spring 1994 - 1996.

Advisor for students in the Research Assistant Program (RAP). University of Vermont. Minority high school student summer program, 1991.

Speaker for "Computers in the Biological Sciences" Seminar . 15th Annual Junior Conference, University of Vermont. Promotion for high school juniors considering enrolling at the University of Vermont. May 1991.

Vocational Technology Department Recruitment Committee. University of Vermont. 1986 - 1990.

Computer Technical Committee for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. University of Vermont. 1984 - 1987.

Coordinator for the Northeast Computer Institute. University of Vermont. 1985 - 1986.

Chief Editor and contributor to News.*, Microcomputing Newsletter for the College of Agriculture, University of Vermont. 1984 - 1986.


Ad hoc Committee Member for Common English Names for Species of Tiger Beetles.  Results Published in Pearson, David L. 2004.  A list of suggested common English names for species of tiger beetles (COLEOPTERA: CICINDELIDAE) occurring in Canada and the U. S.  Cicindela Journal March/June, 36(1-2):31-40.

Reviewer for University of Alberta Press. Tiger Beetle book. Fall 1999.

Reviewer for Environmental Entomology. Journal published by the Entomological Society of America. Spring 1990.

State of Vermont Invertebrate Scientific Advisory Group on Endangered Invertebrate Species. August 1994 - present.

Assistant Secretary Treasurer. Vermont Entomological Society. April 1994 - 1996.  

Founding member and Webmaster for the Vermont Entomological Society.  Fall 1994 - Spring 2006.



The Vermont Entomological Society


Insect identification workshop.  Worked with undergraduate students from Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont with sand plain forest study.  Late Octobers: 2007 - 2010.

Richmond Vermont Animal Track Watch.  Photographed, identified to species, and recorded data on animal tracks along designated roadsides.  Winter 2009-2010.

Richmond Elementary School Science Program. Monarch butterfly migration study. Helped students tag butterflies. Gave talks and slide shows on butterfly and insect biology. Supplied the class with live giant silk moths (luna, cecropia, and polyphemus) for study and release. 1993 - 1997.

Identification of Stream Macro-Invertebrates. River-Watch annual Spring workshops. Green Mountain Audubon Nature Center, Huntington, Vermont. Spring 1992 - 1994.


  Ireland (Joe Mooney School for Traditional Music) and Wales (hiking and climbing in Snowdonia), July 2012.

 Belize, Caving and Glover's Reef, December 2006. 

 Ireland, bicycle tour, July 2002.  

 Newfoundland, Avalon Peninsula, June 1985.

 Nova Scotia Bicycle Tour, Summer 1983.

 West Coast of North America and Canadian Rockies Bicycle Tour, Summer 1980.

 Solo European and Trans-Sahara North Africa Overland, Spring 1979.

 Appalachian Trail Sections in VA, NJ, NY, VT, NH, ME. 1974 - 1995.

 Seventeen-Day High Sierra Nevada Orienteering, California, Summer 1976.


Music. Play Celtic finger-style and flat-pick guitar, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, Irish Button Accordion, piano, whistle, and Appalachian mountain dulcimer.  Performances: UVM Old Timey Festival April 2009 YouTube links: Rail Road Bill, Annabel, Take me in your Lifeboat.

Outdoor Activities. Enjoy sea kayaking, hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Scientific illustration and field macro-photography.

Travel. Overland in Europe, Africa, and extensively in North America.