Week 8,  March 6-10, 24, 2017
CDAE 195 Propaganda, Media Ownership, and Citizen Responsibility
CRN 14637, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Morrill Room 10

Check-In: Attendance, Questions?


Wild Child


Ian MacKay and Mario Puskarich propoaganda examples videos

NEXT CASE STUDY: Post post 9/11: Iraq War, Hubris MSNBC (start @ 26:00),  Frontline Bush's War

Propaganda Techniques to Recognize

Coming up Media Company or Organization presentations (March 22-27):  Analysis of Media Company Presentation (10%): Teams of One to Four Students choose a media company or organization.  Each student should present for 3-5 minutes if in a team.  If one student, presentation should be 5-10 minutes.
Student presentations should include (and have a handout or web page posting submitted or live BEFORE presenting).  Schedule HERE:
  -What the organization and product do, mission, vision, etc.
  -Where the organization would fit in the Classification System in BLUR
  -Demonstrate an example of the media company product
  -Explain Who owns the company or organization (details of parent company)
  -Explain Political leanings of company or organization
  -Explain the structure of company, and how they make money
  -Present a summary of company sales over time (last five years if possible)
  -Explain issues associated with the company

NEXT CASE STUDY:  United States of Secrets PBS Frontline, Begin March 8.

Coming up: Case Study of Media Propaganda (10%) Schedule HERE
Students will present a case study of a media propaganda situation.
-Define the propaganda situation (what, where, when, who, how, & questions)
-Tell an interesting story about the propaganda situation.
-Explain what propaganda techniques were used by whom.
-Explain who was the target audience.
-Was the propaganda campaign successful?  If so why, if not, why not?
Please create a handout for the audience (can be a web page online, or a paper handout).
Please assign readings or viewings (ex. YouTubes) AHEAD!.
Present your case study in an 5-8 minute informational talk to our class.  Use the feedback you received for the last presentation to improve this coming presentation.

Propaganda Case Study Critique Sheet