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Jane Kolodinsky, PhD
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202 Morrill Hall, Burlington, VT 05405 | 802.656.4616 |

Jane Kolodinsky teaches undergraduate and graduate level research methods, Applied Consumption Economics, the Consumer and Advertising and Consumers, Markets and Public Policy.

Specific courses taught include:

  • CDAE 250/351 and PA 303: Applied Research Methods
  • CDAE 255: Applied Consumption Economics

Jane Kolodinsky also advises undergraduate and graduate students within CDAE. She has been the major advisor to the following master of science degree theses:

  • 2010 David Propen, Institutional and Community Characteristics for Climate Change Mitigation
  • 2009 Amanda Goldstein, Towards the Transdisciplinary: The need to combat the obesity epidemic using a holistic collaborative approach
  • 2008 Erin Roche, Individual Investment in Health: An evaluation of policies and programs
  • 2007 Travis Reynolds, Willingness to Pay for Compact Florescent Light Bulbs in an Island Economy
  • 2007 Alison Weber, Performance of Mortgage Loans in Vulnerable Populations
  • 2006 Sheradin, Meaghan, Development and Marketing of Locally Produced Products
  • 2006 Amy Diller, Brownfield Development
  • 2006 Charles Kerchner, Labeling Wood Products from the Northern Forest: Marketing Implications
  • 2005 Michelle Cranwell Schmidt, Impact of Microbusiness Development on Participants
  • 2005 Helen Labun, Sustainable Agriculture Issues in Vermont
  • 2005 Shanahan, Colleen, Adoption of internet technology by Micro Food Businesses
  • 2005 Croom, Erin, Sustainable Development and Education
  • 2005 Dai, Jie, Consumer Valuation of Non-nutrient Attributes of Milk
  • 2002 Kimberly, Garrett, The Economic Value of the Non-Profit Sector in Vermont
  • 2002 Narsana, Rashmi, (Winner, 2003 ACCI Master’s Thesis Award) Information Search and Genetically Modified Products
  • 2001 Drzewiczewski, Melissa J., Rural Elders’ Satisfaction with Community Based Care
  • 1998 Shirey, Lee, (Winner, 2000 ACCI Master’s Thesis Award) Co-Residence of Elders with Adult Children
  • 1998 Skinner, Elizabeth The Impact of the Seal of Quality and Vermont Makes It Special Labeling Programs on Buyer Behavior
  • 1997 Torre, Christine (Winner 1998 ACCI Master’s Thesis Award) The Cost of Informal Care-giving in Co-residing Households: The Case of Elders and Adult Daughters
  • 1997 Conner, David Using Labels to Make Purchasing Decisions: The Role of rBST Labels in Vermont
  • 1997 Dienno, Adele An Analysis of Consumer Demand for Public Transportation in a Small Rural System
  • 1996 Pelch, Leslie (Finalist 1996 ACCI Master’s Thesis Award) An Economic Analysis of Community Supported Agriculture Consumers