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Jane Kolodinsky, PhD
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Jane Kolodinsky's applied economics research interests focus primarily on consumer affairs. She has recently been conducting research on obesity issues and transportation. Linking these two areas together has led to a transdisciplinary interest in food systems, the build environment, and quality of life. Her research interests have spanned multiple arenas including community entrepreneurship, international developement, affordable housing, rural affairs, domestic violence and health care.

For a complete list of published articles, book chapters, presentations, etc. download Jane Kolodinsky's CV (PDF) here.

Jane Kolodinsky has authored or co-authored ove 70 articles and book chapters. Her 10 most recent scholarly publications are:

  • Pollak, N., L. Chase, C. Ginger and J. Kolodinsky (in press). The Northern Forest Canoe Trail: Economic impacts and implications for community development. Journal of Community Development.

  • King, Benjamin, David Conner, Christopher Koliba, Amy Trubek and Jane Kolodinsky (2011). Mapping Farm to School Networks Implications for Research and Practice. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition. 6(2): 133 – 152.

  • Roche, Erin, and J. Kolodinsky (2011). Overcoming barriers to provide local produce in school lunches in Vermont. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development . Volume 1, Issue 3 / Winter 2010–2011. Available:

  • Kolodinsky, Jane, and Amanda Goldstein (2011). Time-Use and Food Pattern Influences on Obesity. Obesity. Advanced on-line publication: May 26, 2011; doi:10.1038/oby.2011.130

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  • Zhang, W, Wang, Q., and J. Kolodinsky (2010). The digital divide in Internet information searching: A double-hurdle model analysis of household data from Vermont, First Monday, Volume 15, Number 11 - 1 November 2010. Available:

  • Kolodinsky, Jane, Amanda Goldstein, and Erin Roche (2010). Childhood Obesity, Food Choice and Market Influence. In Bagchi, Debasis, editor. Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity. Elsevier.

  • Kolodinsky, Jane. (2010). So You Want to be an Expert Witness? Journal of Consumer Affairs 44(3): 607-610.

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  • Kolodinsky, J., Travis Reynolds , Mark Cannella, David Timmons, and Daniel Bromberg (2009). U.S. Consumer Demand for Restaurant Calorie Information: Targeting Demographic and Behavioral Segments in Labeling Initiatives. American Journal of Health Promotion. Sept/Oct 2009, V24, I1, 11

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