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Kyabobo National Park, Ghana                                                      (Photo: © M. Weinbrenner, 2001)

C u r r e n t  S u m m e r  C o u r s e : 

2009 Summer Course: Challenges and Issues in African Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development

Whitetail deer on meadow at Guthrie Bancroft

Colby Hill Ecological Project

For the past five summers I have been involved with

the Colby Hill Ecological Project in Lincoln, Vermont.

Click here for mammal-related aspects of this Project.

Wli Valley
Agumatsa River Valley (Wli Area)                       Photo:  © M. Weinbrenner 1999

Ghana Volta Region Small Mammal Project

Survey of the small mammal fauna of the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa

1999 Progress Report

Snake Video Test

Small Mammal Surveys for Conservation International's
Rapid Assessment Program (RAP)

read about the RAP idea/approach

RAP in Haute Dodo and Cavally Forest
Côte d'Ivoire
11 March - 4 April  2002
Kingfisher caught during Côte d'Ivoire RAP         (Photo © J. Decher 2002)

Click here for a summary of this expedition.

RAP on Pic de Fon Mountain, Guinea - Nov. 2002
RAP Camp on Pic De Fon, Guinea
RAP Camp at 1300 m on Pic de Fon, Guinea       (Photo © J. Decher 2002)

Read a summary or download entire report of the Guinea RAP from the CI website.

RAP in Boi-Tano, Tano Nimiri, Draw River and Krokosua Hills
Forest Reserves in
Oct./Nov. 2003

Hybomys planifrons
Hybomys trivirgatus  caught during small mammal RAP survey            (Photo © J. Decher 2003)

Read about new butterfly species
discovered on this RAP.

Course - Mammalogy 

Biology 217 - University of Vermont

Micropteropus pusillus
Micropteropus pusillus  (Photo © J. Decher)

Click here for:  Lecture Schedule   Fall 2004

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