Course - Mammalogy - Biology 217

Lectures: M and W 3:35-5:50 PM

Labs: M or W 5:05-7 50 PM (TA: Ryan Norris)

Micropteropus pusillus  (Photo © J. Decher)

 Provisional Lecture Schedule (under revision)

Fall 2004


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Textbook Readings below are from Vaughan et al. 2000. Mammalogy

  Cover of Vaughan et al. 1999

Lecture topic

Aug. 30

Sept. 01
Introduction, Course Resources, Relationships of mammals to other vertebrates, Diversity of Mammals, Mammal Phylogenies
PP Slides 1 [class access only]
Mammalness. Characteristics of mammals.
PP Slides 2 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000: 
Chapter 1 - Introduction
On reserve: Allard, M. W., R. L. Honeycutt, and M. J. Novacek. 1999. Advances in higher level mammalian relationships. Cladistics 15:213-219.

Sept. 06

Sept. 08
L A B O R  D A Y - no lecture

[READING QUIZ 1]  Characteristics of Mammals contd.

PP Slides 3 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000.
Chapter 2 - Mammalian Characteristics
Chapter 3 - Mammalian Origins
Chapter 20 - Reproduction
On reserve: Kemp, T. S. 1982. Chapter 12. The Origin of Mammals.
pp. 296-313


Sept. 13

Sept. 15

Geologic Time. Origin of mammals. Prototheria: Monotremes. Metatheria and Eutheria.
PP Slides 4 [class access only]

[READING QUIZ 2] Marsupial classification and Zoogeography.
Marsupial and Eutherian Orders
PP Slides 5 [class access only]
  Vaughan et al. 2000.
Chapter 4 - Classification of Mammals
Chapter 5 - Monotremata

Chapter 6 - Metatheria (pp. 71-82)
Chapter 25 - Zoogeography (pp. 527-537)


Sept. 20

Sept. 22

Continental Drift.  Marsupials: American Radiation
PP Slides 6 [class access only]
 A n n o t. B i b l i o g r a p h y  P r o p o s a l s due.      
[READING QUIZ 3]  Marsupials: Australian Radiation I
PP Slides 7 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000.
Chapter 6 - Metatheria pp. 72-85
    Chapter 20 - Reproduction  Pp. 344-351
    Chapter 25 - Zoogeography
On reserve:
Lindenmayer, D. L.  1997.  Differences in the biology and ecology of arboreal marsupials in forests of southeastern Australia.  Journal of Mammalogy, 78:1117-1127.


Sept 27

Sept 29  
Marsupials: Australian Radiation II
PP Slides 8/9 [class access only]
[Reading Quiz 4] Introduction to Eutheria.
PP Slides 8/9 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000.
Chapter 7 - Intro to Eutheria
    Chapter 20 - Reproduction  Pp. 344-351

Field Trip
Oct. 1-3
Optional weekend Field Trip to NorthWoods Center
  (with Dr. C. W. Kilpatrick). Leave at 2 pm.


Oct 4
Oct 6
Xenarthra and Pholidota
PP Slides 10 [class access only]
1st MIDTERM EXAM (40 minutes).
Scandentia, Dermoptera
PP Slides 11 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000.
Chapter 9 - Xenarthra and Pholidota
Chapter 10 - Dermoptera part
Chapter 11 - Scandentia part
On reserve: Emmons, L. H., and A. Biun.  1991.  Malaysian treeshrews.  National Geographic Research and Exploration, 7:70-81.


Oct 11

Oct 13

Insectivora. Macroscelidea.
PP Slides 12 [class access only]
[Reading Quiz 5]  Insectivora - Soricidae
PP Slides 12 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000
Chapter 8 - Macroscelidea & Insectivora (includes Afrosoricida)

Oct 18

Oct 20
Chiroptera: Evolution & Flight Adaptations.  Megachiroptera: Pteropodidae.
PP Slides 13 [class access only]
Chiroptera: Microchiroptera
PP Slides 14 [class access only]

Vaughan et al. 1999 Ch. 10, Chiroptera. 138-175
Ch. 20 Reproduction Pp. 346-352
 Ch. 22 Echolocation Pp. 404-423
On reserve:  Fahr, J., and N. M. Ebigbo.  2003.  A conservation assessment of the bats of the Simandou Range, Guinea, with the first record of Myotis welwitschii (Gray, 1866) from West Africa.  Acta Chiropterologica, 5:125-141

Oct 25

Oct 27
Chiroptera III - Flight and Echolocation, Microchiropteran Families
PP Slides 15 [class access only]
[Reading Quiz 6]   Primates I: Strepsirhini
Haplorhini I: Tarsiiformes
PP Slides 16 [class access only]

Vaughan et al. 2000
Chapter 11 - part Primates


Nov. 1

Nov. 3

Nov. 5

 Primates II: Haplorhini II: Platyrrhini: New World Monkeys, Apes and Humans
PP Slides 17 [class access only]
Primates III: Haplorhini II: Catarrhini: New World Monkeys, Apes and Humans.
PP Slides 18 [class access only]
M a n d a t o r y One-Day Field Trip to Redpath Museum at McGill University and Biodôme in Montreal  (or other date)
Vaughan et al. 2000
Chapter 11 - part Primates

Ch. 23, Behavior Pp. 455-462 (Behavior of Groups)

Nov 8

Nov 10
[Reading Quiz 7] Rodentia I (SO Hystricognathi)
PP Slides 19 [class access only]
Rodentia II (SO Sciurognathi)
PP Slides 20 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000
Ch. 18 Rodentia
Ch. 21 Physiology Pp. 397-399 (Metabolic Water)
Ch. 23 Behavior: Pp. 433-435 (Foraging in Heteromyids)
  Pp. 473-474 (Eusociality in Mammals)


Nov 15

Nov 17

2nd MIDTERM EXAM (Take-Home).

Rodentia III   
PP Slides 21 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000.
 Chapter 18 -  Rodents

Ch. 24 - Ecology  Pp. 518-526 (Population Cycles)

Nov 22  

Nov 24 

[Reading Quiz 8] Lagomorpha. Afrotheria: Tubulidentata, Proboscidea, Hyracoidea, Sirenia
PP Slides 22 [class access only]
T H A N K S G I V I N G  H O L I D A Y  - no lecture
Vaughan et al. 2000.
Chapter 19 part Lagomorpha
Chapter 14 Proboscidea, Sirenia, Hyracoidea, Chapter 15 Tubulidentata

Nov 29

Dec 1 

[Reading Quiz 9]   Carnivora - Fissipedia I   
PP Slides 23 [class access only]

 A n n o t a t e d  B i b l i o g r a p h i e s due.
Carnivora- Fissipedia II
PP Slides 24 [class access only]
Vaughan et al. 2000
Chapter 12 - Carnivora,
Electronic Reserve:
Bothma, J. D. P., and R. J. Coertze.  2004.  Motherhood increases hunting success in southern Kalahari Leopards.  Journal of Mammalogy 85:756-760.

Dec 6 

Dec 8 
[Reading Quiz 10] Cursorial Adaptations. Perissodactyla.   Artiodactyla, .  P r o j e c t s due!!
PP Slides 25 [class access only]
PP Slides 26 [class access only]
PP Slides 27 [class access only]
Last Day of Classes:  Course Evaluation.  
F I N A L  E X A M  (60 minutes). 
Chapter 12 - Carnivora - Pinnpedia
Chapter 16 - Perissodactyla
Chapter 17 Artiodactyla

Required Texts: 
Vaughan, T. A., J. M. Ryan, and N. J. Czaplewski.  2000.  Mammalogy. 4th ed.  Saunders College     Publishing, Orlando, vii + 565 + pp.   (bookstore and on reserve)

Selected Articles from the primary literature in Mammalogy.

Recommended Books:

For field guide for the lab activities I recommend one of the following regional books:

Whitaker, J. O., Jr., and W. J. Hamilton, Jr.  1998.  Mammals of the Eastern United States. 3 ed.  Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 608 pp.   (bookstore and on reserve)

Roland W. Kays and Don E. Wilson. 2002. Mammals of North America. Princeton Feld Guides. Princeton University Press. 240 pp.
Bookstore and in Library Reference Section Call Number:  QL715 .K38 2002

Kurta, A.  1995.  Mammals of the Great Lakes Region.  The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, xii + 376pp.   (on reserve)

Merritt, J. F.  1987.  Guide to the mammals of Pennsylvania.  University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh,  xviii + 408 pp.   (on reserve)

Other Selected References:
Anderson, S., and J. K. Jones.  1984.  Orders and families of Recent mammals of the world.  John Wiley & Sons, New York, xii + 686 pp.   (on reserve)
Banfield, A. W. F.  1974.  The mammals of Canada.  Canada by University of Toronto Press, xxv + 438 pp.   (on reserve)
Birney, E. C., and J. R. Choate.  1994.  Seventy-five years of mammalogy.  Special Publications, American Society of Mammalogy, 11:xiv+433.   (on reserve)
Carroll, R., E.  1988.  Vertebrate palaeontology and evolution.  W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, xiv + 698 pp.  
Eisenberg, J. F.  1981.  The mammalian radiations: an analysis of trends in evolution, adaptation, and behavior.  University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 610 pp.    (on reserve)
Godin, A. J.  1977.  Wild mammals of New England.  Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Baltimore, xii+304 pp.    (on reserve)
Grzimek, B.  1990.  Grzimek's encyclopedia of mammals. 2nd ed.  McGraw-Hill, New York, 5 Volumes.  
    (B & H reference section)
Hall, E. R.  1981.  The mammals of North America. 2nd ed.  John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1-600+90 pp.  
     (B&H reference section)
MacDonald, D. Ed. 1984. The encyclopedia of mammals. New York, Facts on File Publications. xv + 895 pp.   
    (B&H reference section)
Nowak, R. M.  1991.  Walker's mammals of the world. 5th ed.  Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, xlv+1629 pp.  (2 volumes)   (B&H reference section)
Wilson, D. E., and D. M. Reeder.  1993.  Mammal species of the world: a taxonomic and geographic reference. 2nd ed.  Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D. C., xviii + 1206 pp. (B&H reference section)

Mammalogy Journals:
Other Journals publishing on mammals:
Acta Chiropterologica (Poland - bats only)
Acta Theriologica (Poland)
Australian Mammalogy
Folia primatologica
Journal of Mammalogy (USA - journal of the American Society of Mammalogists)
Journal of Primatology
Mammalia (France)
Mammal Review (UK)
Mammalian Species (series of species monographs published by the ASM; most accounts available as complete .pdf files at this side)
Marine Mammal Science
Mastozoologica Neotropical (Latin America)
Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde (Germany)    

American Midland Naturalist
Animal Behavior
Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology
Canadian Field

Journal of Wildlife Management (The Wildlife Society)
Journal of Zoology (London)
Oryx (or for older issues)
Systematic Zoology
Wildlife Monographs (The Wildlife Society)
Zeitschrift für Tierpsychologie (also called: Ethology)

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