Taxes and Power of the Press (2000)

                           by John A. Davison


 Taxes and the Power of the Press

Let me bring you up to date on my political situation. First I didn't get 
the requisite (1000) signatures, only about 700. Early in September I had 
two rallies, one on the second and a second on the sixteenth. I notified 
well in advance all the Newspapers in Vermont of both rallies and sent 
flyers as well. Not one paper published the events in their calendars. I 
guess I am a little too conservative for the Vermont press. To paraphrase 
Hillory Clinton, it would seem that "I am the victim of a vast left-wing 
conspiracy". I am confident that if those rallies had been publicized I 
would have the needed signatures to put me on the ballot. As it is I will 
be a write-in candidate. Don't misunderstand me, I will continue to campaign 
for the 2002 election. Quitters never win and winners never quit! 

Shortly after WW 2 William Loeb founded the conservative
Manchester Union Leader. Through it he was able to change the face of New
Hampshire politics. New Hampshire has no income tax and no sales tax. I
just returned from New Hampshire with my 1942 Harley military cycle with a
side car. En route we had to gas up the diesel truck and I discovered
that diesel fuel is 10 cents higher in Vermont than in New Hampshire. I
think New Hampshire is right on with their tax structure. It is virtually
all based on property tax. That makes very good sense to me as property is
a measure of wealth and the rich should give back to this great country
what she has given to them, namely the capacity to attain that wealth. As
governor I would do everything in my power to duplicate the New Hampshire
model. I realize that would be an uphill fight but those are the only kind
worth the effort.

But let me for a moment return to the power of the press. When William
Loeb died nearly twenty years ago he was succeeded as editor and publisher
by his wife Nackey who just died earlier this year. Through her editorials
she was able to see to it that Pat Buchanan would win the republican
primary against George Bush in 1992 and against Bob Dole in 1996. 
She was a gallant lady who was paralyzed from the waist down as the result
of an automobile accident in which her husband was not injured. I recommend
you read about her by simply entering Nackey Loeb on NetSearch. 

The healthiest thing for Vermont politics would be to institute a rival
newspaper to the Burlington Free Press. The Free Press is not even a bona
fide Vermont publication as it is a subsidiary of Gannet, the publisher of
USA Today.

Here is another example of the power of the Burlington Free Press. In May
of this year I submitted a letter to the Forum. It appeared on Sunday
June 4, 2000. In it I was critical of the University of Vermont and
suggested that it was in dire straits because it had abandoned a number of
long standing traditions - Kake Walk, Football, The Shakespeare Festival,
Winter Carnival etc. I then referred the reader to my home page - There the reader could peruse my little entry
entitled "What it means to be an anti-Darwinian at the University of
Vermont." Lo and behold, when the letter appeared my URL had been altered 
to read - www. I immediately called the paper and asked 
them to publish an erratum. To make a long story very short, the editor of 
the Forum, after a lengthy telephone conversation, refused to correct the 
error. I accused him of editorial sabotage and of protecting the University. 
I do so again now. I think the man should have been summarily sacked. So, 
you see the Fourth Estate is guilty not only of sins of omission but sins 
of comission as well! God Bless Vermont and God Bless America.

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