by John A. Davison


Dateline October 30, 2000.


I thought the readers of my Newsletter might be interested in the following exchange between myself and Peter Freyne who writes Inside Track for SEVEN DAYS.

On October 27 I sent the following message to Freyne:

I find your characterization of Bill Bennett as a "peckerhead" not only reprehensible but revealing as to your own character. SEVEN DAYS, otherwise a decent publication, does not deserve you.

That same day I received the following response from Freyne:

How timely! Now crawl back under your rock, professor...

On October 28 I responded:

I've made a printout and it will appear in my Newsletter. www.uvm.edu/~jdavison/ Thank you so much.

That same day Freyne responded:

You've once again proved them right, professor. You are a sick man.

To which I responded on the 29th:

And who, pray tell, are the THEM to whom you refer?



Thank you. God Bless Vermont and God Bless America.

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