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Every day from 5-6 PM Japanese House students completely immerse themselves in Japanese. English is only allowed when translating or clarification is needed. Guests with varying levels of fluency often come and join in.

Any person who wishes to improve their conversation skills or learn some basic Japanese is welcome to come to our suite during conversation hour. We welcome all students, regardless of language ability.

Your conversation leader:
Charlotte Ross '13
Co-Student Program Director, Global Village Japanese House,
Double Major in Japanse and Political Science
Study Abroad at Toyo University, Tokyo

Study Abroad

Do you like adventure? Would you like to try what you learned in Japanese class? Study abroad is not only for learning language but also a wonderful eye-opening experience. Spending one semester or two in Japan during your college days will provide an added dimension and depth to your resume.

There are two UVM Exchange Programs in Japan:

Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo:

Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka:

Study Abroad Approved Programs:

Contact the Office of International Education for further information.

Study Abroad Scholarships:

The Global Village Japanese House

The Global Village Japanese House is a residential program in the Living and Leaning Center. Students with similar interests in Japan live together, share their thoughts, and organize cultural activities, learn Japanese language and culture.

More information:

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